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  • pharmacycollector pharmacycollector May 18, 1999 7:14 PM Flag

    WAG Sales no good in Massachusetts?

    You get an "F" on your paper. Note:Please note
    'you're" is incorrect; shoul be "your" and "hundred's"
    should be "hundreds". Keep in mind that lunkhead should
    be lughead; however that is optional. I hope you
    fill prescription better than you write. Dweeb
    sonomaca 3157 of 3165
    Hey, pharmacycollector, here's
    something to think about before you mix your next metaphor
    or compose you're gramatically incorrect missive:
    Only a handful of pharmacists are needed to verify
    hundred's of thousands of mail-order prescriptions. So, I
    guess lunkheads such as yourself, who badly represent
    our profession at present, will have to return to
    school in order to acquire new skills. In your case, I
    would suggest a course in remedial English language and