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  • WagTheZenDog WagTheZenDog May 24, 1999 1:52 PM Flag

    WAG Sales no good in Massachusetts?

    You bet!!! Ok , pharmacy sucks everywhere,( I
    know: I've worked for wal-mart, grocery stores , med
    shoppe and hosp.) but with walgreens , I have noticed
    that I go home at ease . Reason is that walgreens
    really tries hard to help the pharmacist with
    technology--case in point: How many chains would spend $100million
    on a system to help the pharmacist? What you do in
    general is to verify Rxs and answer questions from
    patients. You get an army of CERTIFIED techs to help you
    out. A tech at in-window, one to fill for you and one
    to ring at register. That is the minimum in most
    stores. BUT best of all, walgreens can make you very,
    very rich!! As a pharmacist they allow to get an
    in-company loan( no credit checks) of 25% of yearly salary
    in wag stock. they take it out of your check ( about
    $150 per pay period before taxes!) At 8% interest, but
    wow, wag has been giving me a return of 75%, 86% and
    99% compounded every year( oh, did I tell you that
    wag gives you 10% extra in addition to your
    purchase?). You can take out a loan every calender year( open
    one up in dec. and another in Jan)

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