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  • WagTheZenDog WagTheZenDog May 26, 1999 5:52 PM Flag


    No rph's=no growth . There are no RPh's around;
    Wag needs to hire about 50% of all graduates to keep
    the growth going.This is very very very important!
    Wag wants to build 5000 more stores. you need about
    15,000 more rphs to keep the ship afloat. CVS wants to
    build 3000 more stores , they will need about 9000
    rphs. Albertson's will need 4000 more rphs. Hospitals
    and clinics will need aprox.6000 more rphs. Here is
    the problem: about 5000 rphs graduate per year, 1000
    retire per year. Do the math. If WAG does not pay
    premium pay then CVS will ! In Michigan the shortage is
    so severe that stores alternate days when the store
    is open. One day the store is closed while the RPh
    works at another store, then comes back the next day.
    No RPh on staff, no store open..That is the LAW. At
    this point, yes we do feel like we can walk on water
    unforunately. But I am busting my behind ( I'm filling Rxs at a
    dangerous capacity because of lack of pharmacists , yes I
    do bitch about it. Wait til the state boards come in
    dictate how many RPhs should be on staff--growth will be
    slowed down and stock growth will not be there )

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    • For everyone's information, there is already a
      shortage of about 500 pharmacists in our company alone.
      This is one of the reasons why Tech's do as much as
      they do. This trend will only get worse as less and
      less people decide go to pharmacy school. The current
      idea is that tech's will even be verifying scripts
      within the next ten years. It is also predicted within
      the next 10 years due to RPH shortages the average
      salary could be in excess of $200,000. I think it's
      because of this shortage that walgreens bows down to kiss
      there asses everytime they get miffed. If any other
      employee pulled some of the tantrums I've seen pharmacists
      pull, they would have been fired.


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      • Would you trust your child's Rx to be verified (
        check for interactions: metabolic, pharmacological and
        physiological ) by someone with no schooling. The computer only
        helps the RPh to stay focused but the decision is
        ultimately by the RPh. When a RPh calls the Dr because the
        RPh judges the Dr's order to be inept, the Dr ALWAYS
        changes to what the RPh suggests. Drs have learned this,
        we save their butts. We don't tell the patient--we
        do not want to have the patient lose respect of
        their dr. That is why people think that all we do is
        count tablets. Last week I saved a man's life and he
        did not know it. Dr prescribed oral nizoral for him.
        I found out by looking at his profile and talking
        to him that he had hep c . I was in a quandry,
        should I tell him that what the dr ordered would kill
        him ( 3 tablets within 4days would do it) but what
        relationship would he have with the Dr( yes, the DR just
        forgot about the patient's hep c). So I told him that we
        did not have nizoral in stock and that I would talk
        to the Dr for a better formulation.He said ok and
        left. The dr's office sent us a pizza