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  • Hwyl0l Hwyl0l Jun 2, 1999 4:34 PM Flag

    Get some tissues rrnewsboy..

    My God, the bullshit that passes for information
    on these boards.
    First, CEO Jorndt is not a
    Morman. Why make such a dumb unfounded statement? You're
    probably just stupid. You're a bigot too. Jorndt lives in
    a north Chicago suburb and goes to a Lutheran
    church. But it doesn't matter since it has absolutely
    nothing to do with Walgreen's stock price.
    another poster said that wherever Walgreen's goes, other
    drug chains wither. That's just not true. New Jewell
    Osco's are going toe-to-toe, street corner-to-street
    corner with Walgreen's at many busy intersections in
    northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.