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  • EgadsPeople EgadsPeople Jun 17, 1999 1:03 PM Flag

    Walgreens and The Gap

    Just been running some performance charts. Over
    the past five years Walgreens and The Gap have almost
    moved in tandem in their investment group. The only
    break seems to be right after the Walgreen split
    earlier this year. While both companies are in the retail
    sector, they reach different audiences. Since earlier
    this year the two have drifted further away. Not sure
    what causes it. Seems the break came right around the
    Walgreen split. Kinda interesting, I guess. Anyone have
    any theories?

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    • I thought I should let all of you know that I
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    • Oh no.. they're increasing RX hours.... Just a
      matter of time before it happens chainwide. 24hour WMT
      Pharmacies as well...??? Could process all those refills
      during the middle of the night.... Probably just a
      matter of time. I love the way WMT is trying to dominate
      everybody's buying of just about every retail product
      (they're even doing used car sales here; I think they may
      be getting supplied through local lots though).

    • WAG is observing the July 4th holiday on the 5th
      of July, this is going to save the company big time
      in payroll. The majority of employees will get their
      usual 80 hour check, instead of 88. Big savings for the
      company, but it stinks for those of us working the 4th and
      the 5th!!

    • The 24 hour Wal-mart in my town just increase
      their hours from 9-7 to 9-9 M-F, 9-5 Sat, and are now
      open Sun 10-4. The pharmacist I talked to said they
      work 90 hours every 2 weeks for basically the same
      salary I make for 80 hours, so he's thinking of jumping
      on the WAG bandwagon.
      The K-Mart in my town is
      dying, hours pulled back to 9-7 M-F, closed Sundays and
      sporadically during the week. They don't have enough
      pharmacists to keep their stores open during the posted hours
      in my area. That's the way to keep the customers
      coming back...

    • Kroger or Safeway MAY be acquiring K-mart but I'm not sure KR would do much whereas their RX depts are more like loss leaders. They make a couple of bucks but not much...

    • KM pharmacies are DEAD. WMT seem pretty busy. I agree with you, they should partner with a drugstore to operate their in store pharmacies.

    • The drug stores have the script volume that
      justifies their staying open longer hours. They have the
      3rd party contracts and the concentration of
      locations tht Wally and Kmart don't have. WAG, CVS, RAD and
      others are sitting at the top of the pile for
      prescription services, and this isn't a club that you can just
      jump into by opening locations and be a player. Lots
      of exclusive deals and history

      Pharmacists are expensive to hire and train, and find
      nowadays. Next time you're in Walmart or KMart take a look
      back in RX. Most are a morgue, though WM in the
      heartland does a decent business, they're shut out of
      contracts in most other places around the country. How many
      Kmarts are paying pharmacists to sit on their hands most
      of the day? A lot.

      I think in the future
      we'll see a partnership between WMT or KM and one of
      the big chains like WAG (or maybe someone like
      Medicinne Shoppe). Just like the McDonalds in WMT and
      TacoBell/Pizza Hut partership at Target. It's something the
      discounters want to offer, but for the most part they can't
      get any economies of scale out of it nationally, or
      there's too many complexities to operate, thus they can't
      turn a very large profit, it at all.

    • WMT hours cited in my post are 7am to 11pm 7 days.

    • Yep, closes at 6. May also close at 6 on Sat. I
      think their hours are like 10 to 6 or something like
      that. I know they were closed Sunday, but I may have
      seen signage in their store saying they were going to
      begin Sunday operation. Maybe not. I still would not
      ever use their pharmacy. Their stores here are Open 24
      Hours. McDonalds/Wendys inside open until like Midnight.
      They do shut down their customer service counters at
      about 9, and they won't accept returns after 11 P.M.

    • The WMT near me runs a "short hour" deal so no
      Rx's after 6pm weekdays and after 5pm Saturdays. No
      Rxs on Sunday. That's why the drugstore will live
      on...even the biggest gorilla can't match the service.

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