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  • darano darano Jul 3, 1999 10:44 PM Flag

    WAG on CNBC 3

    I am a wag employ and thought all the smart
    shareholders of this company would like to know how the
    Managers meeting went. These are just a few highlites(sp)
    from my manager. and planetrx called wag
    daily for them to help them with there buisiness. but
    wag is going alone. it will be the premier online
    drugstore and healh information site out there. the new
    stores and markets it is going into are breaking sales
    records. The new store next to the MGM in Vegas is now the
    number one seller of evian water in the world! and even
    with the highest rent in the company (they have since
    bought the site) They made a profit the first month that
    even wal-mart would be envious(sp) of. don't want to
    give away figures why should rad benefit.
    the new
    technology, products, uniforms and things to come in
    september and the coming year will both help sales and get
    the employees excited about working for this great
    company. If the managers came back from this meeting half
    as excited as my managers and motivated the
    employess as my manager has. same store sales will go
    through the roof. I can't wait. Wag has a great plan for
    growth and they have the upper managment, employees, and
    developement team to put it all together. I wouldn't be
    suprised if they didn't open more then 6,000 stores by
    2010 IMO. sorry for the long post but i think it is
    worth it.

    Daran CPhT