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  • twentyfor7 twentyfor7 Jul 29, 1999 9:09 PM Flag

    Thanks 4 not berating me!!

    motherfucking $30/hour cashier and no longer a pharmacist.
    It's frustrating. I ring up all kinds of shit in the pharmacy.

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    • with your attitude I don't want you to fill a prescription for me.

    • I really can't believe your attitude! What
      happened to team work. Use the opportunity to get to know
      your customers and to consult with them on their meds!
      I have a hard time believing that your customers
      are getting good service with your attitude as such,
      unless you are a good actor as well. Sometimes we have
      to do the jobs we dislike for the good of the's called teamwork! I'm a PA and for the last 3
      weeks I've been stuck in the photo lab. I would rather
      be on the floor doing my job, but good help is hard
      to come by and I would rather be in the photo lab
      helping our customers than ordering for a store that has