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  • tester100000 tester100000 Aug 4, 1999 10:04 AM Flag

    Thanks 4 not berating me!!

    These analysts are all paid stooges of the
    brokerages. Wanna bet that as soon as WAG gets pounded on the
    the downgrade Merrill becomes a buyer. It should be
    totally illegal for brokers / market makers to announce
    an opinion on a stock while they trade that stock.
    What is the reason for a brokerage house to publicly
    announce their position on a stock? Is it because they are
    so magnanimous and want the public to have the
    benefit of their research? Yeh, right. The only reason
    that these announcements are made is to move the stock
    for their benefit. There's no practical difference
    between that and insider trading. If Merrill sold or
    shorted any WAG in the last week then their ANAL-yst
    comes with a downgrade today the SEC should be all over
    them. Think that'll happen? No way. The entire market
    is set up to provide these scumbags with
    overwhelming systemic advantages and to fuck the individual

    My rant du jour,

    Thank you for listening