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  • one_for_you_two_for_me one_for_you_two_for_me Aug 8, 1999 9:11 PM Flag

    one month down...eleven to go

    it has been one month since I posted last and got
    ridiculed for my opinion.......for those of you with short
    memories I stated that not only would WAG stock not be up
    by next july 4th(from the $28.50 level), but we
    would be down......well 1 month later we are indeed
    lower....this stock has had 7 months to absorb the most recent
    "stock split" which was supposedly the reason for the
    decline.....the S&P is down less than 5% from it's highs and WAG
    is down over 25%.....all you buy the dips
    "investors" are probably under 40 yrs old and have never seen
    a market that does nothing but go up.....wait and
    see...on july4th 2000 WAG will be lucky to be trading
    higher than $ what if there will be 6000
    stores by 2007.............go into any WAG now and the
    $6.50 an hour help has to take off their shoes to count
    change....the pool of cashiers and stockboys/girls from which
    to double the number of employees needed to stock
    the additional stores is pathetic...the only way to
    get competent help is to go the way of Home your help $9.00 an hour.....if WAG does that
    their earnings will get killed......go ahead make my
    day....tell me I am wrong.

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    • Higher interest rates, which could be here next week, probably won't scare WAG nearly as much as it will horrify RAD.

    • everybody else will have to sell the farm!!Anyone
      who gets on here and gives WAG crap about its capital
      (i.e-no debt),is a big time hypocrite who is only jealous
      of the fact that we don't have to put what we
      already have in jeapordy,in order to meet( or in our
      case,exceed)growth expectations.So go ahead and kick the gorilla,but
      be careful,because those banana peels of his will be
      very slippery when it comes time to pay those

    • WAG new internet site is a loser already and not
      even out yet! And will be a loser for many moons to
      come !Wag is dead dead dead!!! P/E is high high
      high!!! WAG prices are high high high!!! Insiders are
      selling selling selling!!! Insiders are not buying not
      buying not buying!!! Wag will have to get in debt to
      grow grow grow!!! AT higher higher higher interest

    • year,then we'll see how wonderful they are.I've
      sais it before,I'll say it again: THERE IS SIMPLY NO
      that will lose much of its attraction once CUSTOMERS
      use it a few times,and realize how much slower it is
      to use them rather than pick it up on the way home
      from work.It baffles me how googoo eyed everybody is
      about this thing.Unbelievable!!!I think I'll start a
      new brand of dog food called "Internet Dog
      Food".....I should make a killing!!!:>

    • When I reply to a user, I like them to know that
      I am replying to them. That is why I use a new
      message for each reply. I think that Yahoo has a limit on
      the number of consecutive messages that you can

    • Exactly.... Raise your wages like everybody else
      is doing to attract good help. Then raise your
      prices to compensate. Your workers are willing to pay
      higher prices for the things they need in life - food,
      car, rant etc etc since they have more money. Then we
      get inflation. Then rates go up. Then price to
      earnings multiples get sliced down.

      But see
      that's what separates the smart from the not so smart.
      Its when the P/E of the S&P 500 is at 7 and CDs pay
      15% interest that you buy the stocks. Forgo the 15%
      interest. You'll make a hell of a lot more than 15% on the
      stocks if you are patient enough to ride the uptrend
      that dropping interest rates create.

      And you're
      right. It really sucks to be under age 40. Some day I'll
      be lucky and get ocer 40.

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    • When do you find time to get off your lazy dumb
      ass and shop? You are always posting on these boards.
      You should go to Wag the dog and shop and pay high
      prices. Who the hell do you think you are? People are out
      their trying to make a livin! And all you do is bitch
      and complain. Stay home you lazy shit and buy on the
      web and you wouldn't have to complain anymore! SWY is
      a dirty shit house! SWY has high debt! SWY sales
      are still rip offs!

    • But the last thing I want to mess with is their
      mess... and that cashier who doesn't know what to do when
      an item doesn't scan... or that cashier who is out
      of $1 bills in her drawer and has had her light
      blinking for the last 10 minutes... What a joke.

    • I mistyped. Should be Dec. 31,1999.

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