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  • Yankees07 Yankees07 Aug 26, 1999 9:53 AM Flag

    Internet Article

    Tell me something I don't know or couldn't

    A few months ago, I told people that although my
    mother goes on the internet, she refuses to put her name
    or e-mail at any site, let alone a credit card
    number. She tells all her friends not to buy anything
    on-line, just "window" shop.

    All of my friends'
    parents have never been on the internet.

    This was
    met by some other posters here telling me that their
    parents always go on the internet, and purchase

    According to this article, the percentage of the internet
    population, who are 55 or older, is only 12 percent. The
    aging of the population is supposedly going to put all
    the baby boomers over into this age group soon. But,
    Gomez mentions "tech savvy baby boomers." I thought the
    end of the "baby boomers" is 1965, making the
    youngest boomer, 34. The next generation 1965 to 1978 is
    generation X...generation Y...etc...

    My point is that
    of the 12 percent of the internet population 55 and
    older, who actually use the internet, what percent
    purchases on-line?

    Next, I don't think this
    percentage is going to get better until generation X
    approaches retirement. All of my friends go to the internet

    Go WAG!