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  • No, I want to enroll the stok in the DRIP. I
    don't get any interest in my cash account from my
    broker, so I may as well reivest the dividends. Broker
    charges just as much to transfer the shares to a new
    account, vs taking delivery of the shares.

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    • <EOM>

    • Members, I told you so, a long time ago, this was
      comming soon. The big push will be in Spring '00. Soon as
      I know, I'll post. Till then study the market if
      you wish, history will only teach you trends. There
      are dynamic forces here that are now at work. Forget
      about what was, prepare now for what's soon to be.


    • WAG runs with a unique business model in my
      opinion an extremely successful one. WAG re-invest the
      profit in building up new stores, one per day or 365
      stores in a year. WAG does not acquire others. As they
      have been proving their growth by solid earning
      quarter after quarter consecutively. This is how WAG
      justified its high P/E > 40 for a long time.

      has changed especially internet has entered as a new
      element into the equation. WAG has said they will
      announce their e-pharmacy in September. As September just
      around the corner, we shall be a bit more

      Drug retail by itself isn't a growth industry but WAG
      truly know how to growth its business in their way. I
      am long for many year and I have had seen a few down
      turn of the share price.

      This is the nature of
      the beast. WAG will come back !!!

    • wag is a good stock. look at the 10+ year charts.
      it has a better steadier price history than ibm. it
      has doubled every year for at least the past few
      years and will most likely do it again this year. it
      always goes through spring correction and then starts to
      rebound. its late this year. with all of the new stores it
      has been building, i think new investors are looking
      at it like RAD which is totally incorrect. that will
      change with time. for investors who buy now, it will
      probably be their most profitable investment ever. it
      should begin to recover very shortly with a stronger
      rebound than usuall. once that happens, there is no
      looking back. it should hit 60+ by feb.

    • wag closed today down another 3/4 pt to 23 and
      3/16. Still think 24 is bottom ????? Wag stock has lost
      at least a 1/2 pt or more in the last 6 trading
      sessions. As a long term investor,
      i am very
      disappointed in the stock's performance. We have lost
      entire gain that we realized in 1998. This is very

    • where are you getting your information, or do you have a crystal ball. ''show me the facts'' not your wishful thinking......

    • This stock has always gathered steam as it
      descends toward the 23 range. Formed a double bottom at
      that price months ago and was a great trading buy
      between 23 and 25. Failure to hold 23 mandates test of
      new lows. Any meaningful close above 24 on heavy
      volume implies short covering and an intermediate
      trading range of 25-27. WAG is a long-term winner but a
      short- term hold.

    • <EOM>

    • although i am a big walgreens fan, and
      shareholder, the stock was at 22 and change earlier this year,
      i believe sometime in the summer. please check this
      out, but i am sure i am correct on this

      i do agree however, that the stock is headed

    • My my my.... And earnings are up about 20% since
      then. And my my my, the stock price is up just about
      20% since Aug 31, 1998. Gee, now that can't make
      sense can it?? WAG should be trading at 40 by now,
      double last year!! uh huh ya ya, dream on people.... AND
      BUY NOW!

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