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  • bluegillboy bluegillboy Sep 30, 1999 6:36 PM Flag

    Missing Posts?

    The Yahoo Sheriff is on to the bluegillboy.I
    guess I angered someone? The sencors clearly are
    upset!Y'all be careful Who Ya piss-off hear?O.T.I repost a
    thanx to metagoshe for the candid response.I am outa
    here Long WAG Peace!

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    • Nice response fron WAG IR dept.
      Well, the on-line war has begun. What is your opinion ?

    • I e-mailed Walgreens about the web site, here is
      their answer:

      Dear Sir:

      The Walgreen
      website will be re-launched by the end of October. You
      will be able to order new and refill prescriptions,
      have access to your personal password protected
      prescription file, and review health content provided by Mayo
      Clinics. Furthermore, in the spring of 2000 you will be
      able to purchase the full array drugstore sundries
      online at Walgreens.
      Thank you for taking the time
      to write to Walgreens.


      Rick J. Hans
      Director of Investor Relations

    • it has to. buy now....45 by xmas

    • Who cares when the website debuts? Will it affect
      overall sales?
      Probably not! Investors want. COM's.
      Their thinking is that WAG doesn't have an E-site so
      they are not up to par. They have this mentality that
      WAG is now an Internet concern and they have NO
      ONLINE STORE yet! Ever since the debut of online
      pharmacies WAG has LAGGED. Just wait 3 weeks. 35 by dec. 45
      by mid summer given we have no recession. I think
      they may have some more surprises to be announced with
      the E-site. Stay tuned! Can you say CUTTING EDGE?
      Impatience has cost me a bundle in other stocks and I'm on
      HOLD with WAG!

    • has already been factored into the stock price,
      including earnings that were reported Monday. Don't look
      for any big upswings until the market turns bullish
      agian. Internet site WILL NOT effectuate a stock
      increase. But stay long and you should be ok.

    • that is killing Wags stock, its the market. With
      all the great
      stocks to pick, why would an
      investor or a fund manager want a stock in its portfolio,
      that has been heading south for 7 months.

      yourself, I am long on Wags and am very disappointed in its
      performance this year. Sure we have made money in the past
      but each year is a new ball game. From its high of 33
      & 15/16ths, we are off about 30%. What this means
      to all investors is that we have lost almost 1/3 of
      our position, and for those of us who have held the
      stock over the years, this could represent a very
      significant loss. For example, if you had 150,000 worth of
      stock at the split, you now have approximately 105,000

      As far as management is concerned, their
      concern is not for US but rather for the losses that they
      are personally incurring. You'll notice that not many
      shares have been bought by the brass in this

      And finally, I don"t think the internet pharmacies
      are doing squat. There is much hoopla, but not much
      business. So the 64 dollar question is, if the record
      earnings didn't help the stock, what makes you think wags
      new internet site will make any difference.

    • It's that INTERNET HEARD Mentality that is
      killing Walgreen's. I've owned WAG for 6 years and have
      tripled my value through splits. That's over 50% per
      year! As soon as the INTERNET GEEKS see that Walgreen's
      online site is FIRST RATE, they will HEARD back to WAG
      the other ONLINE PHARMACIES. Walgreen's MGT will see
      to it that they "WAG the INTERNET GEEKS" and the
      stock will soon rise. WAG's MGT is very sensitive to
      WAG's stock value.

    • Market up WAG down AGAIN. Time to place a phone call soon. Guess you instituion jerks have to learn the hard way.

    • like you said market up 130 and wag up 1/16 some stock. my first time owning this stock and the last time........

    • sorry markqg....record earnings again, the dow is up over 120 points and wag just sits there....this stock has had WILL see $20 before you see $30.

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