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  • w4095 w4095 Oct 6, 1999 10:59 AM Flag

    Heavy uptick volume

    Funny how one day later the stock is suddenly up
    and still up after 10 a.m. I still say somebody read
    my message and got nervous about getting caught.
    Just a theory.I have 3 relative who are brokers and
    yes manipulating goes on all the time and a handful
    of time, charges of illegal manipulating have stuck.
    So I will continue to watch and see if it gets

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    • thanks for the good laugh after a long day at the drugstore. lol

    • spelling, WAGALUMNUS the pharmaSist could have
      you expelled from this board for such an

      He drops by once in a while to check us out, I'm
      sure you'll hear from him. Likely he will issue a


    • You complete idiots that complain about
      Walgreen's "overrunning your communities" sound so very
      arrogant. WAG provides communities with a top-notch
      retailer and health care provider that increases the value
      of your communities. It's an American institution.

      Hold on to WAG for 20 more years and you can go build
      a house anywhere you want and maybe you can get
      away from all the evil Walgreen's stores.

    • I don't know about break even, but Walgreens will have their October numbers out this week. Am keeping my fingers crossed

    • It sounds as if you LIVE......(sorry for the misspell. I know we have spellers here)

    • It sounds as if you leave in a fairly exclusive
      suburb and commercialism, in general, is what is
      disliked by the community at large. There was a similar
      situation here, where an upscale community went to City
      Council to prevent commercial zoning at a new
      interchange. The area had been upscale homes in the suburbs,
      and no one wanted the "giants" to come in. However,
      those very individuals now frequent the new Kroger,
      CVS, McDonald's, 3 banks, pizza place, liquor store,
      and YES.....Walgreen's. I have to say that,
      Walgreen's, by far, blends best with it's surroundings. There
      are new physician offices nearby also, which is
      extrememly convenient for such an area. Maybe your community
      should look at it in a different light. How can these
      businesses improve your quality of life?

    • In all reality, the reason WAG builds stores on
      all 4 corners is because they are keeping the
      competition away. CVS does it, Rite aid did it(hehe), and so
      does every gas station, supermarket, starbucks etc. If
      the plot opens for lease or sale, and WAg doesn't get
      it, then CVS goes right in, or whoever new Chicago
      competition might soon be. You see it in every market, with
      every chain.

      Unfortunately, this is all causing
      nation-wide pharmacist shortage, and convenience will soon
      become a closed gate, and a sign that says, Please visit
      our Pharmacy one mile up the road 2-3x per week at
      night. The industry will soon be looking at HBA units
      that run a pharmacy 10-6 monday -saturday, with 24
      hour stores the only priority......

      That is
      what is sad about cannibalisation, but as much as I
      hate the WAG, they are no different from the rest of

    • What is the break-even point of a new walgreen store, do you have the #s? Also, are the cash flows discounted?

    • Now You can walk or bike to the nearest WAG "over
      there by You".
      Looks like that baily guy was just
      looking for a debate!

      Well,gotta run to My
      neighborhood WAG and pick up treats for the kiddies,"over
      there by Me"

      The 4th qtr. of99 should excellent
      for WAG the hoolidays and any y2k issue will also
      help.PEACE!...LONG wag

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