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  • EgadsPeople EgadsPeople Nov 5, 1999 8:32 AM Flag

    The Future

    Maybe I am not the seer others are. My strategy
    is strictly looking at a company as far out as three
    to five years. Any further is a crapshoot at best.
    Innovation, trends, society, etc. is changing so quickly that
    the companies that were/are leaders may end up as a
    footnote. Who is to know how drug industry will develop.
    Saying that any company will continue to grow through
    its existing model for 20 years is just guessing. An
    example, the U.S. steel industry was so dominant, and now
    it is almost an afterthought in the U.S. economy.
    The same may occur with a company as dominant as
    Microsoft. One of the few companies that has been able to
    manuever and grow over decades has been GE, and look how
    that company has changed -- television network,
    financial institution, etc.
    Will Walgreens be the
    dominant player in 20 years. The existing business model
    that they use may work today, but it may be a quaint
    notion in 10 years.

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    • Walgreen's is fine, 3, 5 years

      Nobody, not even, has a good plan further
      out than that.

      If anything, linking customers
      to their scripts using the internet is the best
      thing you can have at this point. Walgreen's has
      prepared a nice infrastructure they can continually build
      on, and they did it in house, on their

      I've been to the other sites, and the majority of the
      people don't know about them, can't really use them, or
      doesn't fit in well with their way of life.

      doesn't mean that there isn't a future for the internet
      pharmacy, I'm just projecting it out further.

      By the
      way, when I talk about internet pharmacy, I'm talking
      scripts. I'm not talking about over-the-counter stuff,
      soap, tylenol, toothpaste...

      Believe it or not,
      the majority of people just don't think the internet
      sites are convenient.

      I haven't written a
      message here in a while, because there's a lot of
      senseless bickering about the stock price. Someone said
      we'll see what happens at the end of December, I
      agreed, he/she predicted a stock price in the low 20's, I
      said no way...Still feel that way, barring the general
      market tanking to below Dow 9,000. Wag should continue
      to trade in the mid 20's to 30.

      busting out the first week of January...

      Go WAG!