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  • EgadsPeople EgadsPeople Dec 22, 1999 8:58 PM Flag


    Walgreens return Year to date -1.5
    Walgreens Return last 12 months -5.5 percent

    Mart Return Year to date 63 percent
    Wal Mart Return
    last 12 months 67.8 percent

    Walgreens treading
    water all year and likely to continue into the near
    future. For all you sycophants who rationalize the dismal
    performance of Walgreens good luck (Rite Aid's problems,
    stock split, insider selling, etc. ad naseum). For the
    rest of us who expect a good company to outpace its
    peers (like an excellent company should do) a huge
    disappointment. Maybe next year it will get back on track. But
    then again, who knows, they sure don't do a very good
    job of conveying their message to the investing
    public. Has anyone read anything about their website
    since it was released. You would think they would be
    pumping it up. I haven't seen a thing.

    goodness most of the stocks that I own that are top of the
    line have shown it through stock price

    Merry Xmas all

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