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  • peoria_investor peoria_investor Jan 20, 2000 11:53 PM Flag

    Free plane tickets!!!

    Hurry......get your tickets now. Flight to
    QUALITY is going on now. WAG is quality. The boys and
    girls are jumping in now. The WAG bashers always.....I
    say always disappear when we perform as quality
    companies do. Quality companies deserve quality p/e's. King
    L. Daniel Jorndt is taking care of us. Your flight
    with first class seating is leaving soon! Good day!

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    • You may be right, I may need an attitude adjustment but you guys need a real estate department.. what a joke. Cmon tell us about those great stores open 1 year.

    • U still pissed 'cause WAG will not hire
      What is Your Major malfunction there boy?
      Seems You
      need an attitude adjustment.
      You say WAG has no
      stores where You live,yet You seem to know a awful lot
      about the new WAG locations.

      Opiinions are like
      assholes -Everyone has one.

      Lets not make this a
      hostile work place enviornment now.

      Everytime You
      get angry You beniGn to stutter.

      Besides I
      thought We had a deal?
      You was to stay on Your side of
      the fence remember?
      Guess We need to talk over the
      (Who) rules again.

    • Hop on board the Walgreens Crop Duster for a ride
      with fits and starts. If you want a real smooth ride
      climb aboard the Cisco Express. Check these numbers out
      Peoria: 1 year investment growth 128%; 3 years, 575%; 5
      years, 2,800%. You can tout Walgreen all you want, but
      moving up to where it was same time last year isn't much
      of a deal. But then again all you are concerned with
      is how CVS and Rite Aid are doing.

      P.S. Even
      Fortune Magazine in a recent issue stiffed Walgreens,
      giving CVS a better future for its growth potential.
      Check it out.

    • I count approx. 65% of the new locations in this
      market as very poor choices, poor traffic flow, poor
      density, population declines and the sales numbers
      indicate the poor choice. Do the math, the boys in RITEAID
      rushed in and either overpayed or made poor choices. Are
      they the ones making the selections for WAG now? I
      think very tough times are ahead if these type of
      judgements continue.

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      • Kirchheim,

        I agree with your views on new
        stores. Where I live a new Walgreens went up about a year
        ago and within a 2-3 mile radius there are at least 3
        CVS, 1 Brooks, 1 family owned pharmacy, and 2
        supermarkets that have pharmacies. In addition, they tore down
        a historical landmark and made the community mad
        (situation was not entirely WAG's fault). As a result, when
        I drive by I really never see a lot of cars in the
        parking lot. It rarely seems busy. The area was
        oversaturated to begin with- so I'm not surprised to see this.
        I go there when I can because I want to support my
        company, but I also have 6 other choices competing. So if
        this is the situation elsewhere, I think you're
        correct in your opinion. I have heard or read somewhere
        that Walgreens goes where there are other established
        drug stores and tries to just get their own slice of
        market share there instead of really researching where
        there are new markets to attack. Am I correct?