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  • profitq profitq Jan 25, 2000 3:29 PM Flag

    You might want to know

    ... The huge expansion is resulting in a dilution
    of talent and most savy investors know that. I used
    to work for WAG and I no longer shop there due to
    poor customer service. The manager on duty had worked
    for the company for 1 year! I left WAG and sold most
    of my stock.

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    • WAG customer service department is great at
      taking care of customer problems. Just send them an
      email. I sent one and I feel like something will be done
      to resolve the situation. But all of those out of
      stocks... my local WAG which is under a year old is just so
      damn busy (I'm NOT being sarcastic), it's going to be
      tough. Can't wait for them to build a few more goldmines
      I mean stores in my town.

    • Come on, did you really need a Walgreens employee
      to show you where the magazines are, or point to the
      "Prescription Pick Up Window"?
      So what if the Manager of the
      store has only 1 year experience, maybe he sees what
      the majority of wag investors see, Long Term Growth
      and Expansion! Walgreens is doing a fine job picking
      locations, and each store does its own
      hiring, so because
      you had a bad experience, burn the Executive officers
      and sell a great stock. If wag is so poor, then sell
      the rest of that great stock!

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      • Poor customer service? Well, in case you don't do
        your research, Chain Drug review names one person the
        Retailer of the year. It is usually given to a top exec
        within a chain drug company. 2 years ago it was given to
        "WALGREENS EMPLOYEES!" This is the only time it was given to
        more then one person. Just shows how great this
        company is!

        For all of you that are so down on
        Walgreens and are selling your stock, thanks! Your selling
        lets me keep buying more and more at this price.
        Everyone knows that the stock won't stay here long. Last
        year the stock went up 87%. We average 31% a year, so
        if it sits for a bit, I am not going to complain. If
        you were in it last year, you should be happy. If you
        got in within the last few months, it looks bad, but
        will be much better.

        LONG WAG!

    • EAR A GO. ITS SAD.