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  • heymanhmmm heymanhmmm Nov 15, 2000 3:12 AM Flag

    cvs -- moving to Chicago

    it looks like Walgreens will suffer financially
    when CVS moves in because of the competition. They
    were trying to keep CVS out by opening stores at
    almost every corner but it looks like this strategy may
    backfire. These stores will be opening at the same time as
    the pharmacists contract negotiations in May and
    probably many of the pharmacists will leave Walgreens to
    join CVS because CVS has to get the pharmacists from
    somewhere. The shortage of pharmacists Walgreens faces is
    likely to affect profits and increase mistakes made from
    being overworked and the law suits are also likely to
    increase even more than they currently have. I don't see a
    positive outlook for Walgreens.

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    • My thoughts exactly longwag. These bashers are al over the place. At least they aren't spewing politics. I sure am sick of that, aren't you? The Duck

    • Wag ROCKS.....Everytime I see the market dip and
      look at YTD numbers for the dow,S&P,and
      nasdaq.....Well I get alittle sheepish grin....And give my little
      WAG stock certificates a little pat...40 percent so
      far this year, not bad.

      I guess if I got my
      ass kicked this year by the nasdaq and
      techs.....NA..On second thought..I wouldn't go to other successful
      stock boards and BASH.......Just no class wouldn't ya
      say......Good luck duck......Longwag

    • a little coherence would be appreciated---"it is
      damned impressive to some of this". "Why don't you take
      a flying leap at the moon". You probably need to
      increase your haldol dose, maybe some counseling and a
      little education wouldn't hurt either.

    • Well, heymanhmmm, it is damned impressive to some
      of this. Why don't you take a flying leap at the
      moon. Your kGD nonsense upsets some of us smart
      investors. Go suck your thumb you little shit. The duck

    • longwag, that is the only answer some of these smarty pants's can learn by. I, for one, applaud your investment sense. Congrats, and to all WAG longs, good luck. The Duck

    • Please excuse me know better than I

      (taking the high road)...........LONGWAG

    • stock boy or store manager--in either case lack
      of education. The amount you made is not 340 grand
      you stupid idiot, you subtract what you paid for the
      shares thats why I said you made approximately 280000
      whatever thousand. You did not make 340000 unless you paid
      zero for your shares -- now who needs the calculator.
      20 grand of your own money and the amount they took
      out of your paycheck since '93 doesn't sound like
      zero to me. By the way 340 grand since '93 is not
      exactly impressive.

    • 8,000 times 42 and change equals how

      Do you even know how i acquired these shares mr
      smart investor????

      Its called share
      walgreens....Stock options..
      Ever heard of

      Well I invested approx 20 grand of my own money
      total worth is approx 340 do the math
      genius can you find a stable,no-brainer that has given
      me that return since 93'

      You'd have to look
      hard wouldnt you.....Am I still a "dumb"

      Grab some bench----You shouldnt go assuming things mr
      smart investor.....

      Ps. wags has a sale on

    • Hi...last March I also freaked out on what was
      going on with the tech's. I was playing by chance the
      LA Times stock challenge game and came in 5th
      trading only tech, and in real life was loosing my ass on
      WAG. I thought about pulling the trigger, but past
      experience with WAG and no change in fundamentals held my
      hold.(wish I had brought more,but really did not know how to
      read the market just held) In my opinion most
      techs are a game and I am very happy with companies
      that actually make money . Anyways you must be pretty
      good if you survived the tech blood bath . The good
      news is that your 500 WAG will soon be a thousand, a
      little short of where you started so what the hey? You
      can always "laugh and say "so"."

    • That is telling him, longwag. I am proud to say
      that my sister retired from WAG several years ago
      after 25 years. It is a great place to work, and with
      the options, it is a greater place to work. The Duck

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