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  • Yankees07 Yankees07 Jan 11, 2001 5:24 PM Flag

    401K, Need Help

    To: "meghapuja"

    You're not born in the USA
    are you? That has nothing to do with it, just tit for
    tat. Because some of your phrases, are plain

    "Are grapes sour?" The phrase is, "Sour

    Okay, on with the comparison:

    1) Merck-Medco is
    the largest and most profitable mail order pharmacy.
    So, I am comparing apples with apples, and not apples
    to oranges. How about them apples?

    2) YOU are
    new to this message board, as I have been commenting
    on WAG stock for the past three years, and
    occassionally come to this site.

    3) No, I don't work for
    WAG, I'm a major holder of the stock, which is why I
    come here from time to time. It's important to me, in
    this time of pharmacist shortage, and tight labor
    market, that WAG hires the most competent and most
    educated employees. Because, everyone knows that a
    satisfied employee works 100X harder.

    In my
    previous post, I aired the gripes of many WAG

    "What a lazy attitude! Trying to find a company where
    you don't have to work and get money

    WAG gave all employees options, called options 3000.
    Why did they do that? So that they would stay with
    the company for three more years, as they try to
    position themselves in every major market. Did you know
    that WAG is not in every major market? Amazing, the
    growth potential.

    However, in a tight labor
    market, everyone is getting signing bonuses and stock
    options. I just don't see WAG keeping up, and that will
    have repurcussions.

    Have a good day!