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  • tiger3599 tiger3599 Jun 3, 2011 1:59 AM Flag

    I sold...

    can't remember if it was beginning of last week or the end of the week before...

    anyways - I took a loss and wanted to watch it given all of the uncertainty which still continues. I thought this was a BP play when I bought between 5-5.40, but that wasn't the case.

    How long until the plan gets approved by Parliament this is crazy and will this ever rise again and why? Just looking for answers as I keep reading as much as I can on Japan news etc but can't seem to find a resolution to the end outcome of what the future will bring to Tepco?

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    • And the answer is: When the comp package is put to a vote in the Diet then we'll know. Personally, I don't think it has a chance of passing as crafted by Kan and company. I believe there will ultimately be an expressly stated cap. Just my opinion.

    • Well with a big up day after multiple down days, profit taking by day traders and nervous nellies is expected. Also, Tepco's stock sagged in Japan trading (ticker 9501) today, apparently because Bloomberg TV started repeating in their scroller, over and over and over, that radioactive water could spill over into the ocean within "days." As if that hasn't already happened. I think most people trading this stock now don't understand what they should understand. I view these as wonderful opportunities to add to my position.

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      • Yes this is the stock you have to take a position in and just not watch it for 3-4 months and plan on holding on to it for at the least a year. It will go back up and I am sure it will not be drastic like BP by a nice steady rise over the next year and for those who have faith will be rewarded. If you never had faith in TEPCO as a company than why the hell would you buy it?

    • exactly and down about same amount today. So you didn't sell and even the last 2 days. It's been down roughly another 25% since I sold.

      I sold because of uncertainty and once comp plan is determined at least some of the unknown taken out of the equation, it won't go back to 20s+ all in 1 day and I can get back in then. Why catch a falling knife with so much uncertainty so I sucked it up and sold for now.

    • Dude, it went up 6.5% today. What do you mean, when will it go up again?

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