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  • antacular antacular Dec 27, 2011 10:41 AM Flag

    government vue - today

    Still calling bull. No one "plans" for an emergency capital injection.

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    • Even if the Japanese government tried to force a capital injection, it seems they would fail in that. First, Tepco would have to say ok, which seems unlikely (why would they do so? and Tepco employees were recently reported as the single largest shareholder group.) Then, Tepco shareholders would have to vote on approving the issuance of new shares to make it possible. Why would it be approved? We already know Tepco is considered too big to fail, and is Japan's largest bond issuer, etc. If those additional shares were not approved, what then? The government is going to let Tepco go bankrupt? I don't think so. Also, we still have the 1961 law on our side. Immunity from all these compensation claims appears more and more likely to be recognized. I'm holding.

    • antacular, i sure hope you are right. someone else here mentioned that Japanese citizens, banks, etc. are heavily invested in companies like TEPCO. A government capital injection would surely wipe all these people out...let's hope that they will just stick to making the banks lend TEPCO 1 trillion yen.

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