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  • jksouth jksouth Nov 4, 2010 11:41 AM Flag

    I'm selling everything.

    This is pure asnd utter artificial stockmarket rally feeding off wallstreet and fed hype, net result zero jobs and a peso American dollar.

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    • The inflation you are referring to occurred during the war - during our formation, and before the existence of the Constitution. And the men who were largely responsible for that inflation later wrote the Constitution and went to great pains to ensure it didn't happen again.

      There is nothing for "time to tell"; the Keynesian model is economic quackery on its face. Its fundamentals are inconsistent and baseless in real world mechanics, its literature simply a cover for governments and banks to steal from productive citizens.

      But if you insist, I will refresh you with the inconvenient fact that "time has already told" this story many times over in human history.

    • Actually, you ARE highly unintelligent and absolutely delusional. Would you like a lesson in logic?

      1) FACT: You state that "Granted, I haven't learned history at Glenn Beck University, so your version of history might be different than the more generally recognized versions".

      This statement clearly implies that you believe that my source of knowledge and education level are inferior to yours, when in fact you know absolutely nothing whatsoever of it. That is delusion.

      2) FACT: you state in a prior post "No, these are not just facts. They're are your opinion, obviously made more foul-mouthed by the FACT that you have lost money in the market."

      You don't have any idea of whether I've made or lost money in the market, or if I've even invested at all - yet you call it a "FACT". That is delusion.

      3) FACT: you state "If you think that currency manipulation is a new thing in this country (or any other), you have much to learn."
      Not untrue in literal form, but the implication is that I think currency manipulation is a new thing, when I give no indication or suggestion of this at all, anywhere. This isn't technically delusion, but certainly a notable weak spot in your ability to productively and efficiently reason.

      I have shown direct and inarguable evidence of your inability to accurately process reality (delusion). Unless you can point to the same, you need to take a little more care in constructing your assertions. Simply stating what you want to say because it feels good may be effective against the majority, but anyone with an IQ above 100 will instantly discard you as an emotional buffoon.

    • No, these are not just facts. They're are your opinion, obviously made more foul-mouthed by the FACT that you have lost money in the market.

      So, suck it. I'm done with you fools.

    • I like to think of myself as a lifelong student and enjoy spending my time learning more. I studied Constitutional Law in college as part of my political science minor. Granted, I haven't learned history at Glenn Beck University, so your version of history might be different than the more generally recognized versions.

      The Federal Reserve Act was passed into law in 1913 and provides the legal basis for the Fed. Under our constitution, this law can be challenged in the courts. But the courts have upheld its legal status under the Constitution. You can disagree with the law of the land, but you can't say that the law hasn't been followed.

      I'm not stupid. You're delusional. This is an old argument, as old as the law. You have your view and I have mine. I would venture a guess that I know a whole lot more about the Constitution, our government's history and the development of our legal system than you will ever even hear about.

    • Yes, you are. You pretend that your success in the market, your objective "looking for value" in the market, and your insights are something special; that they are not exactly the same as most others.

      Playing the market long over the past year and a half is positive proof of one of two things: you are completely ignorant of reality and lucky (and claiming credit for something that you should simply be grateful for), or you are sitting in the same room as the criminals and you are a scum bag.

      These are just facts.

    • Dude, until you bother to put in the very hard work that others have in order to learn the truth, shut your stupid mouth and stop poisoning the minds of people who aren't as delusional and lazy as you and might actually grow up to improve the world.

      The Constitution has been violated repeatedly on at least three different counts. Federal laws are being violated every day by the Federal Reserve and the IB's.

      Grow up.

    • One more thing: I'm not patting myself on the back. I'm looking for more value in the market and buying. Lotta work right now.

    • This is worse than a casino mentality.

      Bernanke should be RAISING rates.

    • Your hyperbolic logic will continue to fail you. But don't worry about it too much: we are playing a zero sum game here, after all. Having been net long the market for about 15 months, I'll soon finish building my pile of capital.

      I'll be hiring a housecleaner next week for weekly service and will soon be looking to hire an architect to design the additions to our little ranch house.

      Stay short or stay out altogether: either way we'll have a job for you soon. Maybe you should post a resume.

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