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  • kushmytucas kushmytucas May 18, 2011 3:29 PM Flag

    RUN RUN from this scam now

    I really feel so sorry for all those who busted by this scam VXX=23$ S&P500 1340
    Last month VXX=29$ S&P was at 1350

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    • OMG!!! You're even standing in front of a bank!! What a riot!! Fill us all in.... Did you get margin call??

    • You really need to be smart trading VXX. It's like buying restate in Florida you really need to know what the hell you are doing! So investors buying at the wrong time are left with NO shirt on their back!! OMG!! I just looked at your pic! You're from Florida and your half naked! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were so clueless, sorry. Have a good day

    • Do you feel bad for buying health insurance? Life insurance? Car insurance? That you never use? When I was poor I did without and saved a ton of money. Who needs VXX insurance? The ones that are worried that tomorrow the whole thing will collapse. Just like getting sick, dying, or in a car accident. Take your risks and bank the insurance. Only ones I feel for are the small investors but that is what they get for being negative and not listening to us.

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      • You got it!

        But look around the world. There are far more people BUYING insurance than the companies SELLING them. So it doesn’t' take much brain power to figure out who makes profit at the end.

        I think those who are trying to "educate" the VXX longs to not buy VXX are either naive or missing the point. As for me, I've never tried to stop people from buying VXX because it IS true that VXX can go up for all I know. I tried to tell them to do the due diligence before making their move, but I think that's different than calling VXX a “scam”. It is certainly likely that VXX longs are likely going to make money by staying short time in the market while VXX shorts are likely going to make money by staying long time in the market.

        I don't think all VXX shorts understand the concept of running the "insurance" business. It should be for long haul and it takes a good financial stability too. If one is well capitalized and expects a reasonable degree of return, VXX shorting can be a wonderful "insurance business" to run for a long time, I think.

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