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  • itrytoodoeverything itrytoodoeverything May 27, 2011 10:08 PM Flag

    Bullish Mania starts next week

    No market pullback... How much does a pullback cost in POMO dollars, very very expensive (in terms of inflation). So they have all this neg press and bearish sentiment and will rally the markets next week. They need to kick start consumer Demand for a true recovery to take place and that does not happen with a negative sentiment and falling market.

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    • Consumer demand is not coming. Bull market is near dead or not going much further without more government help. I will short the pops and buy the dips. I am a bot. Just have to time it right just like I did TVIX today. Screw this market. They can't keep it up. Its costing too much and the world needs some more resources. Time for us to pay up. Get those ROTH IRAs so they can't tax you 60% in the coming years. Screw those death trap 401ks unless you have to match. Crooks.

    • I'm not so sure it's going to be that easy moving forward, at least to opex. I'm in cash right now. I do not like what Im seeing on any of the index charts at all. They have "dip" written all over them although I believe the "dip" will be very very brief. VXX goes down an astounding 80% of all trading days. It goes up 20% of trading days which is 1 time each trading week. We are already extended here as the vxx has gone down 6 straight days. I think the Vix has support in the high 15's and has already broken through 20 resistance once this month which should have people concerned. Were going to selloff here in the markets briefly if for no other reason than a self fullfilling prophecy. You don't want to be short vxx here.

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      • Thanks for the detailed reply.

        I agree with you about the upcoming dip in principal.

        In a non-rigged market I would agree. In this helicopter ben market the price of the DOW is still low compared to the past(due to a double or more in the monetary base). People don't understand that and want a pullback because they don't think the price is justified, but the printed dollars will win that battle every time...

        All IMO, there are several negatives this weekend (typhoon, ME, etc), but I think they would surpress any bad news as they need consumers to take over as QE ends or else....

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