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  • diabeticinvestor diabeticinvestor Jun 3, 2011 7:19 AM Flag

    Sell in June

    Bubble????? S&P p/e is at 13 and you think it's a "bubble"? What bubble? If anything the market is grossly undervalued. Unless if course you want to sit here and tell me that aapl with zero debt, 60B in cash and a p/e of 11 is "overvalued"? LoL! What about Intel's p/e of 8 is that a bubble? Microsofts p/e of 10 is that a bubble as well? Do yourself a favor and turn off the TV and stop believing whatever the blogosphere has told you. The Us is the most attractive place for investment in the world because of it's underpriced market. When the S&P is well above 2000 then u can start talking bubbles until then that's a ridiculous and naive position.

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    • Those stocks are too big to move any where. They need to all be wiped out and started over with new companies. Cisco give way to Juniper. MSFT give way to Linux. Apple well they aren't at top yet. What about this story? Just more BS I read.. This is why I am in and out of the market daily taking my losses as well as my gains without caring what logic says or I feel. Just sell. This is why I have been going straight up. Remember the world is running out of resources and we control most of them. We need to give them up somehow. Right now we are doing it every where else except stocks. Will that continue? Eventually they will have to raid our piggy banks again.

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