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  • twosidestoapancake twosidestoapancake Oct 1, 2011 4:17 PM Flag

    Twosides, I'm still waiting for the links

    Correction....that would be James Klein, not George Klein.

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    • Look under the Manson Creek Historic Society listing. That's a good one.


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      • The 79th electron. The outer single one in gold atoms. It absorbs light energy and expands its orbit outward, then emits the energy as "lustre" when the nucleus pulls it back in. (concept from "Noble Metals" Planet Earth)

        I have spent hours working the rocks and gravels of creeks and rivers for just one tiny piece. It really is beautiful.

        I am not a "money motivated" person, according to aptitude tests I have taken. It is a good part of the reason I am currently unemployed. (that and I have to much empathy). Yet I would spend hours and days tramping up and down riverbanks, working my hands to the bone for just the sight of one bit of Gold.

        Now, imagine the men in these photos, washing down entire mountains. These guys were definitely "money motivated", the same personality types that are running and seemingly required to run the large and small corporations and political institutions of the world.



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