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  • sellbby sellbby Feb 13, 2012 4:22 PM Flag


    From fridays high

    in at 14 & 15 but this is fkn bs nonsense

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    • Every goverment of the world doing every fake thing they can think of to falsely inflate asset prices and control volatility.

      That is the only correct answer to your question.

    • Savings account.

      You'll do better.

      If the phrases, "military industrial complex," "the Man," or "manipulation" cross your lips, please save yourself the losses and just go with a savings account.

      The supply and demand curve is so often interpreted backwards, I am being compassionate by helping you out here.

      Nothing that happened today should not have happened. The acceptance of a deal by the Greek parliment drove the entire cycle.

      Just do some reading before you come back and invest.

      I'm open to the idea that I'm wrong, but when I hear crap like this, I shake my head and say, "Please don't vote in the next election."

      You can disagree with me. Just don't be ill informed.


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      • Warlord;

        I hear what ur sayin, BUT, when somebody gets 50% on their trade in 1 day, thats the kinda game I want to be in. Doesn't happen often but when conditions are ripe, play their game and cash in.

        P.S.; I don't vote because they all are useless tools of the powerful.
        just remember; SHYT HAPPENS; ALWAYS

      • Once again Warlord, I appreciate your patience and teaching. Even myself (about 10% along the way of being an educated investor) has made small amts of gains in vix instruments (both directions) over the past 6 months or so. I just buy low and sell high, usually leaving alot on the table as I am soooo conservative and sell after small gains. (gains non the less). I use a very small % of my portfolio to use in this area. I make it a point to keep politics and negative or positive personal theories out of my investing decisions.

      • Your response to the poster is arrogant, I'm not sure why. And your line "nothing that happened today should not have happened," is subjective phenonema at best. I'm not saying it's incorrect, it's just very subjective.

        I'll weigh in. Technically both VXX and TVIX filled the previous chart gap. The market knew Friday that the Greek PM was desperate and didn't want to be the fall guy for a default, so he sold the deal to the media over the weekend. That drove the futures up Sunday night, and the futures have provided most of the market gains over the past several weeks.

        VXX and TVIX are still heavily shorted, so it will take a market correction, an exogenous event, or other market fear to drive them higher. That said, I hold TVIX long, as it's a great hedge for my long positions. I'm long since $14.10, so I have some room.

        On another note, I get a kick out of posters who start a short sale on VXX or TVIX at the lows. It's no different than longs buying at the top.

        As for telling the guy please don't vote in the next election, what is that all about?

    • I don't claim to know alot abot this stuff, but I think that up mkt=down tvix/vxx/etc. last Fri was time to buy xiv which goes up in up mkt. I realize it's a crap shoot and actually is based on "futures" so it would seem that "confidence" is out pacing "fear" at this time. This could change quickly of course. It may be that it is close to time to buy "fear" but like I said, it's a crap shoot.

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      • thanks for the reply; I do not believe its a crap shoot; based on Fridays and todays volume, big time players are involved. They have a game plan and more $$ than time so, in theory, they can influence the direction of an etf. Look at the options; writers woulda taken a bath unlss they got the vix moving; surprise, surprise; they did it.

        also, since when does the vix swing by 20% (up high to down low) in 2 days when the s&p is flat over the same period???? Its rigged. PERIOD

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