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  • r8h234rs r8h234rs Apr 12, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

    Today was a FED manipulation day!

    Only idiots think they can fight the Fed with their piddling $3K trades. LOL

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    • The Fed has NO business in the market, the whole lot of the MF'ers ought to be in JAIL!! they are no different than MADOFF!

    • the FED is their own worst enemy. Everytime they juice the markets gasoline goes up and Billions leave the country to support Obombas Arab friends in foreign countries. The ones he bows down to when he visits for turkish coffee.

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      • If you think today was manipulation, then just wait until April 25th, the next Fed meeting. Gold's recent rally already tells us what's about to transpire, especially thanks to a setback in employment numbers. Mr. Bernanke is more concerned about unemployment than gasolline! At this point gasoline is around $3.90 a gallon on average. That's not high enough to bring down the economy. It's going to take $5+ a gallon on average before the economy is brought to its knees. So therefore, the Fed still has some wiggle room to manipulate the markets higher. I'm going with my gut and sticking with DOW 14,000 in just a few months. Yes, someday the market will come crashing down, particularly if Obama gets re-elected. As long as this administration continues to spend and spend and spend money this country doesn't have, then one day we will pay the price! But for now you're just gonna have to accept the market for what it is, because it's election year, the politicians and the Fed will do everything to pump up the markets in 2012. Things will deteriorate come 2013, 2014, 2015. Eventually there will be stagflation, maybe hyperinflation. DOW 5,000 by 2015! Gold 5,000 by 2015!

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