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  • do.john67 do.john67 Apr 18, 2012 8:58 PM Flag

    YUM, QCOM, AXP, All down after Hrs!

    Something is up, for VXX to be 10 cents higher AH, and yet S&P futures pointing higher thus far. I agree, the bond auction and initial claims will have the major impact on the market Thursday. Earnings just cannot compete with the macronomics these days.
    I am personally sick and tired of what happens in Euro determining the outcome of my portfolio, but that is the financial world that we live in these days.

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    • I'm sick of the propaganda about what is happening in Europe that CHANGES DAILY, depending on how big money wants to shift market sentiment...

      There's what is REALLY happening, and there's what the media TELLS us from day to day.

      What the media tells us changes - partly to keep everyone numb to the "news", sick of hearing about it so that when the bottom falls out, people won't panic---if they even notice. that's the plan (the ideal), because the banksters would be skrooed if people got in their grills and held them accountable for the messes.

      What is really happening is in Europe is desperately serious and will lead to dire contagion effects...but few want that to be telegraphed too far in advance.

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