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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Apr 19, 2012 10:29 AM Flag

    Do you know how easy it is to pay a 15T Debt?

    Extremely. The number is just for political posturing and fear mongering to bring about change and adaptation of difficult to swallow changes. Another great book is called "The Shock Doctrine." Awesome read!

    Rough Math. 300 Million people x $50,000 Per person = $15 Trillion.

    $50,000 over 10 years is $5000 per person. Through the inflation mechanism by pushing the cost of a pickup truck from $30,000 to $40,000 or a home from $300,000 to $400,000, or a chocolate bar most likely from $1 to $2, or a coffee from $1 to $3, or electricity from $80 to $110....

    The Government can raise additional revenue through increased taxation on a greater tax base. How easy would it be to entirely pay the debt off in 10 years by taking an extra $5000 from every person every year through larger tax revenues on sales of goods and services - NOT Federal Tax - that is for misdirection! It is the reason you would probably never notice!!!

    You would blame, Ford, or Home Builders or Convenience Stores or Starbucks or your local Hydro Company for price gouging you with out even recognizing for a second that the actual benefactor is your good old Fed! ;) I so love these guys. Wish I would have been smart enough to go to Princeton so I could hang out with Ben and the Thieves of the Round Table. ;)

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    • I guess appropriately there will be tents in parks everywhere.

      Aren't those called protestors? ;) They had the right idea. No focus though. No leader, no organization.

    • I'll tell you one even worse. It is already happening!!

      While you are saying "I'm going to watch for inflation, I know how these guys work and I am watching now!", they are out buying the long end of the curve supressing real interest rates, and providing a false sense of security of a strong dollar and supressed Gold.

      Inflation comes in tame to practially nothing because that is how they engineered it. They can not tell you the real rate of inflation is 8 fricken percent or you would notice the increase in all your consumable products and you may revolt. We are already paying right this second.

      It even gets better. When inflation does get here you feel insulated from the value of your rising equity in your property. All the while the Government is receiving cash payments every single second on the tax paid on inflated purchases of goods and services. You receive nothing just the calming perception that you in fact have grown in worth - but that is a big illusion! It is not real. What is real is the cash they are stealing each and every second you are hypnotized!

      How about that one ;)

    • Easy solutions:

      1. Remove yourself off US Citizen.
      2. Move your family to another island outside of US. You work in US company remotely. :)
      3. Stop paying taxes and demand Obama to increase his taxes bracket by 35-40% like everyone else.
      4. Demand everyone to eat less, spend less, and doing less of everything. We are a NATION OVER WEIGHT. So, what is that telling you? :)
      5. STOP giving money to other when you don't even have money. Giving to other in billion and they come back to bomb you when you going around BORROW the money to give. lol.

      A nation that GIVING money to everyone who thinks we are all doing charity and borrowing 40% of it to give away? How is that work I have no clue. hahahaha

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      • That's the reason I mentioed it. We have to start educating ourselves on the scam they are perpetrating and stand together.

        Just like Earth Day a message has to be sent like Tax Amnesty Day! All transactions done through out the entire day have their tax removed willingly or unwillingly.

        At the gas station the bill is $83.48 and you leave $78.05 at the counter and leave. Every single person does this at the grocery store, hair dresser, clothing store, etc, etc. Let the police go to every home. Then the merchants trickle on down the message to the Government.

        Organization. ;) However the fear factor would bring the sheeple in to check and they would crumble. They have the perfect mechanism to steal from each and everyone one of us.

        A "Rosa Parks" spark has to be set on camera somewhere, where some old-woman just says no way, I am not paying the federal or state tax on that item! ;) Then viral, then protests and marches. We will buy your item but we are not paying tax on it! That's it!

        Hahahha, they'd just turn the hydro and water off and see how long we lasted. ;) Then we would have to seize utilities and the like and it would eventually begin an all out War.

    • your plan would have worked before the debt went parabolic like Apple stock.

    • I have a 3 month old baby, where will she get $50,000 in the next 10 years to pay the debt?

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