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  • do.john67 do.john67 Aug 14, 2012 1:58 PM Flag

    VXX up and Market up?

    What does this suggest? Is Doug Kass that accurate? He suggest double top, and market highs for the year, therefore the market will fall from here?
    Just seems too easy to me. So Doug Kass suggest that everyone short the market here, so we all short the market, and make millions! Thanks Doug! That is so easy!
    lets see who is right. Me, or Doug Kass. Who knows, the way VXX behaves, we may both end up making money!

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    • Little Do - Kass suggested it was a possible TRIPLE Top and he didnt recommend shorting. He is 25% short in his balanced porfolio. He said NOTHING about VIX or VXX.

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      • Look if you idiots think the market will never correct then by all means put every last cent you have in it.

      • I actually respect Doug Kass opinions. I turn the mute button off when he speaks. I was not that engaged with his talk on CNBC, but got the gist of his message.
        I know that he was only referring to the market in general, and made no mention of VXX.
        Only point that I was making was that the market is far too unpredictable for it to turn on a dime even if a well respected analysts suggest that it will. I actually agree with Doug Kass opinions in general, but I would be no less surprised if the market remains in a bullish uptrend for another few weeks as I would with a pullback.
        The market seems to do what it is expected to do 50% of time, and the unexpected the other 50% of the time.
        But, with any significant amount of choppy trading, even if the trend for the general market is down, then, over time, VXX will trend down.
        More 52 week lows in VXX to follow.

    • Won't last long. I guess it barely closes in green today and red the rest of the week.

      Look at the spot VIX compared to the futures and you will feel incredibly confident in your short.

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