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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Sep 5, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    "We" find it funny that the only trades posted or positions posted are from whales

    Thanks buddy. It does pass the time for sure. Opinions are definitely entertaining. Out of the blue you will get a perspective from another trader that you'd never of thought of. I'm a turn coat by nature and shy away from those "trader" boards. Kind of makes me laugh. A track record is all you need to prove you were right more than 51% of the time, I haven't had a down year ever in 9 years. That's all the talking necessary.

    But I do get angry watching people destroy themselves when the trades are free for the taking like short RIMM, FB and VXX. They are telegraphed way in advance all of them but you MUST read the prospectus!!!!!!

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    • Wes .. you have read the prospectus .. so have I. There is NO WAY that decay eats this thing to the tune of 50% a year. Your success, and Im VERY happy for you, has come at the hands of Big Ben driving the market up artificially. Will it continue? Maybe. Maybe Not. All I know is .. what goes around, comes around. Thus, 3 years of success may end up with 3 years of losses. Who really knows? That is why I like to stay in cash every night.

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      • Yes cash every night is exactly how I began. It served me very well. You will reach a plateau around $8M however where you simply can not deploy margined account cash intra-day. You will be required to start to find positions to hold or swing trade. No long term investments for me.

        But yes, test it out VXX loses 50% a year guaranteed. Isn't that scary!! Hehehe. My strategy on VXX is very simple. I can hold short 33% of cash. If VXX literally jumps 100% and doubles, I take my bet back to 20% of cash and let the rest ride until reality sets back in and VXX returns to Earth. You will still make your 50% a year even when VXX spikes 300%. Now that is scary and only a one way trade from my perspective.

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