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  • trycure2 trycure2 Nov 7, 2012 8:52 AM Flag

    For you sheep who voted OBaaaaahma!

    The futures markets are telling you
    Baaaaahrak OBaaaahama
    is baaaahd for the US e-CON-omy
    printing paper is not a plan to prosperity
    wake up sheep
    before you get totally fleeced

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    • Trycure , The bear market starts today. I wanted Romney to win to fix this country. My country always came before money , but now that this clown has won a second term the only thing i can do now is profit from it . I'm going to make so much money in Bammy's second term it's going to be silly ! HAHAHAHAHA!

    • Trycure, you hateful nincompoop, you might want to take a look at what is going on in Europe now.

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      • Greece running out of money has been circulating for weeks
        it's didn't make the news in the US because of the election
        I posted to Limp a week ago about Greece
        having a vote coming up and their money running out on Nov 16
        and now you're blaming the market drop on that?

        You can do better than that?

        just face it, the markets just don't like the fiscal cliff coming
        and the debt ceiling that Obomba will not be able to raise again
        during he second lame duck term.

        Quack Quack

      • He doesn't care about the facts. he hates America so that's all he'll ever post. I'm amazed- I don't agree with some things that are being done in the US right now but to think there's so much hatred of this country is really puzzling. He's just sick. Can you imagine holding this from 200? Heck the market is down big time today and it's not even up a buck. Now think what it would take for this to go up 165 bucks.

    • Starting two wars and driving our economy into the ditch wasnt good for the economy either. Hating everyone that doesn't look like you, talk like you, or walk like you isn't good for the economy either and continuing that philosophy will never get a republican elected.

      Check your 401k since 2009, that is unless of course you bought VXX because you are a fear mongerer.

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      • I'm Canadian
        and you folks need to get your debts under control
        you're as bad as Greece
        your lame duck Prez has no clue what he's doing
        has surrounded himself with a bunch of bankster crooks
        and if you can't figure that out
        you are blind my friend
        America is on the road to destruction
        if you people don't wake up
        and start living within your means
        instead of manipulating interest rate down to zero so
        you can print more
        hurting pensioners who are earning nothing on their accounts

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