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  • sunbrey sunbrey Nov 26, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    We're going over the cliff ... here's why

    They can go over the cliff, that's why!

    * Dem's & Rep's voted on these exact items just in August with no deal, not even close, and now it's almost December and they haven't gotten any closer.

    * No Republican is willing to increase the tax rate, Obama is guaranteeing a rate hike.

    * No Democrate is willing to cut entitlements.

    * Top people in both parties have stated that they are willing to go over the cliff.

    * Neither party has changed their stance, neither party looks willing to budge.

    * House is run by republicans, Senate by Democrates.

    * The debt ceiling is going to be reached in just 5 weeks but can be pushed for 2 more months without default.

    * Why do you think a deal is going to get done? They couldn't get a deal done last time that's why we're in this frekn mess & it's more than 1 year later.

    * The debt ceiling will be hit in 5 weeks or less, then they will go over the cliff, then they have 5 weeks to get a deal done or the Fed will default. At which point they will strick a deal along with a large increase in the debt ceiling.

    Why is Buffet saying, well " if we go over the cliff for just a month or two it won't put us into an recession." ... why even mention it?

    Why is Simpson & Boyles stating that there's a 2 out of 3 chances of going over the cliff. That's pretty high odds no?

    The only market surprise (or should we call it market shock) is when December 31st rolls around and no deal is done, and it won't take that long because come Dec 24th and no deal, well then we can say over the cliff we go.

    That's what I'm seeing. What are you seeing?!

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