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  • limpy27 limpy27 Dec 15, 2012 10:16 AM Flag


    Hire combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan who served numerous tours of duty and who are very adapt in killing humans ( not just paper targets on a range ) and hire them as security in every school in the country ! Have each city and vote on this to see if they are willing to pay the extra cost of this. You will find out very quickly how much their kids are worth. Each time there is another shooting it is talked about for a while, but when people hear they have to pay for this they are not willing. Some schools have a " part time " armed security officer, but this is just a false sense of security to make the parents feel less guilty on the cheap. There are a large amount of combat veterans who are unemployed and would love this job, or any job.

    I hear one idea of having one teacher in each school go a nd get a pistol permit and then go to the range and learn how to fire the weapon, a clear case of trying to do things on the cheap. There is a big difference between shooting at paper targets and real humans. If you needed a tooth pulled would you call a dentist or a carpenter ? It's time to get serious with these cowardly little pukes who didnt get enough hugs from their mother when they were a kid. It all comes down to MONEY ! HOW MUCH IS YOUR CHILD WORTH ? The time has come to do the right thing and hire the people who are best suited for this job. COMBAT VETERANS ! I can promise you this will happen again all in due time, who do you want guarding you kids ? Some flunky old man 75 years old who's deaf anf blind or do you want to get seriour and pay for the people who are adapt at killing ? Each city and town across this country needs to decide with a vote. Don' t expect the bankrupt government to help you out at all. I don't have kids in school so this doesn't efect me. But the next time this happens, and it will happen again, how will you feel knowing the flunky 9 dollar an hour security guard was the first to get killed ? IT'S TIME TO LOCK AND LOAD !

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    • It's not a question of cost. Of course everyone would gladly pay more if that meant saving children's lives. The question is are we safer with more guns in schools or not, even if trained professionals are handling the guns. I'm in favor of whatever needs to be done to wipe this problem out but am not yet convinced more guns are the answer. As a country we definitely need to make caring for the mentally ill more of a priority since the consequences of not doing this are disastrous.

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      • If a guy is a 400 pound fat slob, is it the forks fault ? And i'm sick of these news channels bringing on a boat load od shrinks diagnosing these cowards minutes after he murders the people. These shrinks never met the shooter or examined him yet they will diagnose him on the spot, what a joke these taking heads have efcome. The news channel have no shame at all , we all no that already , anything to get ratings. I have a better idea on how to handle these people, with a blow torch and a pair of pliers.

    • omg - war is the last resort - the way to solve this problem which stems in mental illness (the shooters mental illness that is) is to educate the public, keep weaponry away from the people that are mentally ill.
      Next, these communities should be shown sympathy and kindness (love thy neighbor as the bible says)
      Next, teach teamwork kindness and identification of those who are depressed, acting strangely etc.
      Next, is mo money mo money mo money! if we all are wealthier through investments, fiscally responsible government and fair trade to the rest of the world we have funds for societal ills, i am not suggesting money solves all problems but it certainly could help - i.e. a better security system for schools and even a security guard with a taser to disable someone who goes beserk.
      time to not lock and load! time to think intelligently about the problem and solutions

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      • Individual was obviously not deterred by a capital punishment system, nor the fear of the eternal flames of hell. Guaranteed not to be parochial school educated.

      • Yahoo user , please tell me your post was a joke PLEASE ! A TASER ? Up against a guy with AK -47 with 1000 rounds of ammo or more ? That little puke was not mentally ill , he knew exactly what he was doing, which is why he killed himself after that cowardly act ! He was just like the rest of these school shooters , LOSERS ! Not happy with life, still living with their mother , no sex at all , never had any sex , never had a girlfriend or a job, i can go on and on but i think you get the picture. Not mentally ill at all , just in need of a bullet to the brain. A TASER ? YOU CANT BE SERIOUS ! As long as people continue to think like you do we will continue to have this problem. The only solution is to kill the coward as soon as possible ! The only people that understand this are SWAT TEAMS who go into the building and clear the place one room at a time until they find thr coward, and then put a bullet in his brain. NO SURRENDER, NO TEAR GAS , NO SHRINK TO TALK HIM DOWN, JUST A BULLET !

    • Obama tried to squeeze out a tear yesterday at his press conference about the school shooting but couldn't , so he wiped a fake tear away from his eye ( watch the video and show me the tear ) while talking about the people who were " lost " ! LOST ? THEY WERE MURDERED ! If Obama is serious about this there is a very easy way to fund this program of killing the shooter before he kills the children. STOP ALL FOREIGN AID AT ONCE ! All of the Billions we are giving to our enemys to kill U.S. TROOPS ! Not one penny should be giving to any foreign country as long as we cannot afford to protect our children. So now Obama can decide who are more important our American childrens lives or giving money to foreign countrys to buy weapons to kill Americans with , and that goes for Central and South America too ! NO MAS PESOS FROM THE GRINGOS ! The next time we lose mors kids and people say there isn't anything you can do about it , think of my idea. Let's stop flushing money down a rat hole ( foreign aid ) and use the money to protect our children, after all IT'S OUR MONEY !

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