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  • trycure2 trycure2 Feb 4, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    What is the FED's endgame!

    ask yourself that simple question
    look at their past history
    every bubble they created and every
    market implosion that followed
    do you think that this time will be different?
    is FED policy
    1. to create jobs?
    my answer is no, that is just a FED talking point, the evidence is in the unemployment #'s that went up recently. $3 Trillion should have bought more than what Amerians got.
    2. to bailout the large banks?
    my answer is yes, many are holdig on much cash and waiting for the next shoe to drop
    3. to help retired Mom and Pop
    my answer is No! low interest rates manipulated by the FED has hurt the elderly and done so GOV's can continue their borrowing or money printing and cut their interest expenses.
    4. to help the rich?
    my answer is yes! Banksters helping rich judges and legal folk get richer keeps them insulated from stiff prosecution. Why would the rich want to end the game they so enjoy?
    5. to improve housing?
    my answer is no! demographic will make sure of that. All the homes built during the last boom will not happen again for another 5 to 10 years. The children of the baby boom generation are just starting to but the peak buying period is years away.

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