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  • knowmaas knowmaas Feb 24, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Complacency always burns people in the market

    No one ever can predict the next bull or bear market. One ting i can say is we are getting closer and closer to a bear market. We have been in a bull market for 5 years and they usually turn right around this time frame. Europe's broke. Usa is broke. Credit cards are maxed out and we are having a hard time just paying the interest. Making minimal payments on credit cards while the principle keeps climbing. The vxx i believe after all it's splits now have 46 million outstanding shares with over 31 million of those being short. One bad event and shorts will be covering as fast as possible. You go on the Spy board and see all the shorts there as well. Longs are bragging there as the shorts are here. Growth sucks around the world. People keep thinking that stocks can't go down anymore and that it's just going to continue North. History says it won't keep going up. Eventually we will see a sharp rise in the VXX. I can see why you would short the VXX but the time has come for a huge reversal. Everyone thought in the housing market that it was never going to come down in prices and see what happened in that bubble. People borrowed more than their houses were worth and spent money on anything they could. Sounds like The U.S governrment. Borrowing 10 times what it can afford. We are maxed out on our credit card and in deep trouble. Kick the can game is about to end

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