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  • con_law_misery con_law_misery Mar 12, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    do.john. Missed the chance of a lifetime on MNKD

    Remember that guy Telsa who has made huge bucks here, he told us to load up on MNKD Jan 2015 2.00 calls. They're up 100% in a week. I really didn't think the run up would start so soon on that one. Of course they are thinly traded with wide spreads too which would make it harder. But the point is. In this market, with no downside risk, you just have to jump on the opportunities like you did with UVXY. Can't think twice, you just go!

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    • Hind sight is something I avoid. If I knew for a fact that any stock or optin would double in a week, I would put all of my net worth and margin into the trade. But, not having that ability, I have to make investment decisions based on what I feel comfortable with what might work out well for me over time.
      I am no pro at this, and occasionally will try a tip from a friend or by a post online that makes a lot of sense. But, for the most part, I go with my experience and my own strategies that have worked reasonably well in the past, and although I miss out on many huge moves, I typically make reasonable returns by year end, pay the tax man, then do it all over again.
      I enjoy swing trading and setting up option strategies, and making money over the long haul, while markedly limiting my risks for taking heavy losses.
      I would rather double the size of my portfolio over 4 years, than in a month, because the former can be done making a lot less risky trades.
      I sold puts heavily in GS once, when GS was down for the count. I had to watch that trade all the way until the minute that those put options expired. I made what now seems like easy money on that trade, but it really wasn't. GS nearly traded down to where my put price was on the day of expiration, and we are talking in 80's.
      This market knows when you place a trade, and responds accordingly. Like Ichan says, don't fool with the 1% folks. They can make any stock on the market do what they want it to do.

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