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  • trycure2 trycure2 Mar 20, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Cyprus bailout PLAN B, The phone call to Wes!

    ring ring, ring ring
    Wes - "hello!"
    Cyprus- "Hello is this Wes?"
    Wes - "yes this is he"
    Cyprus - "Wes we need'm $20 Billion dollar bailout"
    Wes- "why don't you take it from your own people?"
    Cyprus - "we don't think this idea is fair so we vote against this, so we come to you Wes"
    Wes - "will you give me 10% on my money?"
    Cyprus - "sorry no, we can't afford this high rate"
    Wes - "Sorry then, no money, hey have you tried calling Bobbywins?"
    Cyprus - "Who is this Bobbywins?"
    Wes - "he's loaded to the gills"
    Cyprus - "is this a man or a fish?
    Wes - "no he's not a fish but he's your man"
    Cyprus- "thank-you Wes"

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    • I love it! I am feeling a bit generous with the BBRY shares today! It is one of my largest holdings still. I'm selling mine at $21.84 ;) I am offering a discount hehe.

      I think Cypress should teach the EU a lesson and sell the Country for cash and become part of Russia. It would be a good strategic military position. Great deal for an island of that size! Cypriots would love it, having their European counterparts throw them to the wolvesand Russia come in and save them!

      Now that would be wild!

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