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    • I have been involved in many federal gov. sole source contract awards. This notice is essential for the Dept. of Homeland Security to cover their backside. DHS believes that GNVC is uniquely qualified and wants to award the contract to them. However just in case there is someone else out there who believes that they are also qualified or more qualified, they can't come in after Mar.13th and complain. Sole source contracts are usually for relatively small dollar amounts and thus are rarely contested. Nobody wants to piss off the DHS contracting officer over missing out on a relatively small contract award.

      I hope that it is a large dollar contract but I would be suprised if it is. We will find out soon.

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      • I think the FMD is a sweetheart deal for GNVC. What happens is the government has a requirement, in this case, it is a vaccine for FMD, and they give seed money to several small companies to see who can develop a vaccine. GNVC was one of the winners.....and this is the sweetheart part. In order to keep costs down, the government does not buy the documentation to manufacture the vaccine because it would be expensive and there are many different types FMD (per Conference Call). Therefore, if the government needs more vaccine, they have to come back to GNVC to buy it (sole source). Now this is where the deal gets sweeter. You need a controlled environment in which to manufacture and store the vaccine. The government does not want to buy these facilities so they let GNVC furnish them and the government will pay the cost of leasing them (cost + overhead...ching ching). Now the government has paid for this special facility but they are only buying limited amounts so.......GNVC can use that facility to sell more vaccine to other countries, businesses around the world. And to think, this is only one vaccine...and there are others they are working on too with the government.

    • That is huge. Note the "The Department of Homeland Security" is behind this. That is a very good thing. They move things along much faster than normal FDA approval allows. Actual purchases can occur before a medicine actually gets FDA approval.

      "Presolicitation" meand it's a request for funding to be awarded.

      Solicitation Number: RSCB-09-00141
      Response date March 13, 2009

      Should be hearing something soon on how big the award will be.

      Thanks for sharing.

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