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  • gamesman_the gamesman_the Mar 28, 2000 7:56 PM Flag

    More maggot bullshit 2

    The maggot keeps referring to a post I made
    concerning brokers recommending this stock. Here is that

    Despite the efforts of 80% of this board the stock is not
    going south. Many brokers have a buy or hold on this
    stock - check for yourselfs.

    The post is #3116
    and was posted on 3/6/2000. The stock closed that day
    @ $6.75. There were individual brokers with a buy
    or hold on this stock at that time. Later that same
    day in post 3121 I admitted these were not published
    recommendations. Here is that post:

    Didn't say these were
    published recommendations and if that is the criteria you
    are imposing then you are correct. But as I said,
    check for yourself - call your broker and see what he
    has to say about the stock. Talk about misleading
    investors you obviously are short the stock so why don't
    you come out and admit it. As for myself I am long
    and will stay that way until I see something besides
    your posts that tells me I should sell.

    As is
    the normal case with this sick asshole, he only tells
    you what he wants you to hear by distortions or
    taking things out of context and twisting them to make
    his case. But not to worry he will soon be riding off
    into the sunset in one of those black suburbans with
    GSA plates and we won't have to put up with his shit

    • Unfortunately the investors on this board don't care about fundamentals.

    • MathStrategies no longer publicly admits to owning 430,000 shares of Datawatch Corporation.

      Datawatch Proxy does not mention Mathstrategies owning any shares.

      Have they sold out?

    • In case you haven't noticed, in net terms, this
      stock hasn't done anything in 5 years. Since its peak @
      11.25 in July of 96 it has spiraled downward for 3 and
      half years. One is tempted to deduce that your
      breaking news would be priced in to the stock by now, ne

      Late last year, all of a sudden, out of nowhere,
      trading volume picks up. And the stock spikes up. Mo-mo
      movement? Maybe? Maybe not. Perhaps not all is as
      transparent as one might think.

      I've pasted all the
      sessions since the first trading day of 1995 where this
      stock traded more than 1 million shares. You'll note
      that of the 13 occasions, 10 of them have occured
      within the last six months. There is only one instance
      when the stock did not close higher. Draw your own
      conclusions and tell me what you think.

      speculationg that the long term trend has been broken. The
      moving averages would support this. I'm also guessing
      that the people selling are those that have been in
      this stock within the last 5 years and see this as an
      opportunity to get out. We shall see...

      Date | Open |
      Close | Volume | close price|
      1-Mar-00 | 6.75 |
      6.9688 | 1379700 | higher
      29-Feb-00 | 5.9375|6.5 |
      1010000 | higher
      15-Feb-00 | 4.875 | 5.875 | 1014300 |
      11-Feb-00 | 4.625 | 4.9062| 1331000 | higher
      24-Jan-00 |
      3.25 | 3.625 | 1068900 | higher
      14-Dec-99 | 2.4219|
      2.875 | 2056200 | higher
      2-Dec-99 | 3.6562| 2.9375 |
      2172700 | lower
      1-Dec-99 | 3.25 |3.5 | 14125300 |
      30-Nov-99 | 1.0312| 2.7188 | 5555300 | higher
      | 3.25 | 3.25 | 1001400 | lower
      12-Aug-96 |
      7.625| 7.875 | 1213900 | higher
      5-Dec-95 | 5.125|
      5.125 | 1005600 | lower

    • How ironic was it that Games_girl's last whinny
      post kick off 5 interrupted spam messages.

      for the trademark, I think equlzr2000's post was
      incomplete. The question is if DWCH does not own it, then who
      does. This can be established by pulling up the patent
      and identifying the

      Unfortunately, I was unable to locate it.

      And, if
      Datawatch does not own it, then what terms were they
      granted, exclusive rights to license, etc.

    • Read the bottom of the lastest news

      "Monarch is a trademark of Datawatch Corporation. All
      other trademarks are the properties of their respective

    • You're stealing my routine

    • Does any shareholder care or want to know what happened at the shareholders annual meeting?


      "Mar 31, 2000 Edgar Filings
      Shares of tumbled more than 40 percent Friday
      after the online health network said in its annual
      report filed with the SEC that independent auditors are
      questioning its ability to continue operating.

      closed down 2 9/16 at 3 11/16 on Friday.

      "We have
      received a report from our independent auditors for our
      fiscal year ended December 31, 1999, containing an
      explanatory paragraph that describes the uncertainty as to
      our ability to continue as a going concern due to our
      historical negative cash flow and because, as of the date
      they rendered their opinion, we did not have access to
      sufficient committed capital to meet our projected operating
      needs for at least the next twelve months," the company
      (KOOP: news, msgs) said in the 10K filing."

    • Fact:
      For the last eleven quarters Datawatch
      had negative cash flow.

      Datawatch's business
      model does not allow it to have positive cash

      For every sales dollar that comes in 100 cents are
      paid out as salaries, OEM commissions and rent.

      Then company has to borrow another 6 cents to pay
      other expenses.

      what happens to a
      company who has a losing business model and continuous
      negative cash flow?
      see next post.

    • Was it just an oversight on your part that the
      message you were quoting (#3116) had a title of "Short
      Squeeze is Comming." Just as a reminder, you posted that
      message on 3/6/00 when DWCH had topped out.

      then, this dogshit of a stock has retreated by 50%.

      So, fuckface, maybe the only squeeze going on is the
      one between your ears.

      God, I love this job!

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