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  • mnplumb mnplumb Mar 29, 2000 10:35 PM Flag

    More maggot bullshit 2

    Isn't it nice to read something that has a
    positive message;instead of all the garbage that is
    mention on this board. Other agreements with
    IBM,MOBIOUS,etc are on the way. MONARCH is a trademart of
    DATAWATCH. The new Monarch V5 PRO has many new
    enhancements,it a lot,lot faster,in fact its the best. Real the
    Yahoo news, its all in their. Remember for every seller
    their is a buyer, and for every buyer their is a

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    • Fact:
      To settle this matter once and for all,
      I personally have checked the records at the Patent
      and Trademark Office. Here is what I

      Monarch is not a registered trademark of Datawatch

      If Datawatch owns Monarch then why would they ignore
      to register Monarch as their trademark?
      I have
      asked Datawatch and have not received any answer. If
      you own Datawatch shares you should ask maybe they
      will respond to you.

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