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  • newonoma2 newonoma2 Aug 2, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

    INPH Patent # 3 8,446,364

    Visual pairing in an interactive display system
    Awarded - May 21, 2013

    An interactive display system including a wireless pointing device including a camera or other image capture system. Pairing of the pointing device is performed by a computerized display system displaying a visual pairing code at its display, for capture by the pointing device. The pairing code may be displayed in a form that is human-readable, human-perceptible but not human-readable, or human-imperceptible. In response to detecting the pairing code, the pointing device transmits a wireless signal to the computerized display system including the pairing code. If the pairing code received by the display system matches that originally displayed, the computerized display system authorizes the pointing device as a source of control signals in the graphical user interface manner. Various additional handshaking approaches in combination with the visual pairing procedure are disclosed.

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    • Hi Newy, been a while. Hope you and all the longs here have been well. I still hold a position although small.
      Maybe I will add if INPH retraces some.

      Listened to the CC and was very impressed. Greg sounded much the same as always, but it was Yoram
      that impressed me with his honesty. Sounds like the 15 footer at the trade show can go right out the window.
      this device sounds very like it is very adaptable and from distances far greater than 15 feet.
      Also sounds like it is user friendly. Under a minute for a person with no experience to set up? That's darn good.
      AND the best part is that there is nothing on the planet to compete with this device.

      We'll see when/if they start shipping. Sounds like GK finally has this company headed in the right direction.

      All my best to all of the longs Otis SmurfDee Newy and any others I may not have mentioned.
      INPH is gonna rock!

      Mikey :- )

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is a legitimate INPH patent.
      About 15 months from file grant, which is pretty fast.

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