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  • mikehunt_2 mikehunt_2 Aug 3, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    Ahhh Claimhumper were are you little one?

    It would seem that this Penvue works flawlessly according to Dr. Solomon. Even he was a nervous when it was tried out from up to 80 feet away and on a huge 10 foot by 20 foot screen. Also it took the person with absolutely no experience under a minute to set it up.

    So anytime you want to try to undermine the technology by smearing the company and Dr. Solomon you go right ahead . These forums are a matter of public record as an FYI.

    Listened to the CC and was very impressed. Now go tell Alex to get a J O B. Sounds like he has been unemployed for a while now.

    mike :-)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Claimhumper I'm not the one who needs to worry here. Presenting false information? About Penvue? Not hardly. Other posters here can attest to your constant rantings about Interphase management and the business direction you have presented.Your pumping of Alex Diaz instead of Yoram Solomon. Constantly slamming management and Penvue with no facts to back it up. Post a link if you have facts..
      And by all means do not threaten me with legal action unless you want to waste your time and money. It's your dime claimhumper. I'm sure you have a legal team doing nothing but collecting my posts. #$%$
      Okay Perry Mason, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you cheap too. LMAO!
      I can tell you one thing, Yoram was the right choice for the job. It hurts doesn't it? Get over it claimhumper.

      Mikey :-)

      • 2 Replies to mikehunt_2
      • really show the false info....I am reading public information. Obviously you have insider info. I look at company profiles......exec compensation.....i look at earnings reports......yoyo for revs, profits and gross margins.......i look at press releases... penvue next qtr.....oh wait next qtr.... So since your an insider let us know when a new technology, with no sales channel (no partner announcemnts in the last 12 months).....this is not a custom OEM product, as INPH is great at doing, following the industry rather than leaqding the industry.....will launch. Who are you comparing to the company strengths.....OEM master or a young guy that has no channel to sell a great product concept. I can use this product (Penvue) if it works and ships. Otherwise give the message board your insider info to reassure that this is a winning product.

      • Show me the false info..........I am not pumping this Alex guy. This is all made up in your head. I read all the 8k releaseses, press releases (none to zip) and look at a profile of a little public company overpaying people to increase shareholder value. Microsofy does not pay a sales exec in any division over 200k, Get a F in life and dont quiz me on an opinion

    • aaahhhh Miked Humpalot........Really and you what I am monitoring yor posts........Along with my legal counsel, so keep posting it's a great case. You are bagerring, giving false info and presenting threats.

    • still in your head......get some therapy.

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