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  • consj90 consj90 Mar 13, 2000 6:37 PM Flag

    Help a rookie out?

    Okay all you knowledgable vetrans how about
    helping a rookie out? Okay here is my problem, I was in
    at $27 and dumped at $24. Okay,I know it was a
    rookie mistake!! So the question is when do I buy back
    in. My thinking is you guys really would have jumped
    if the NAZ was having a good day, so since today was
    a bad day, tomorrow could be a good day. Any input?
    I did get out for a good reason though. INTD, if
    anybody is interested, its still worth a look. Hopefully
    my suggestion of INTD will pay for your advice in
    INPH. THanks in advance guys.(also when I had INPH they
    were talking big things in 3rd qtr.)

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    • This stock is tremendously under valued. But just
      like most are saying there are a large amount of
      shorts involved. On any given day inph can sky-rocket or
      plunge depending on that day's status. (because of 2.4
      mil float) I here that HP is back on board, because
      Agilent could not deliver what the promised. Kalush is
      one smart guy. If you listened to Wall Street
      interview over Net, you would have been JUICED. I'm a firm
      believer that INPH will be a 100 dollar stock before the
      end of the third quarter. As for INTD i've owned
      since 2.5, bought and traded many times and believe
      that intellidata will have great upside as well.

    • Here is what you do.
      Never buy any stock with
      100% of your money.
      Never, not INPH or any other

      Now, lets say you have set aside enough money in your
      account to buy 1000 shares of INPH.
      AT ONCE!!
      Buy it in 25% lots.
      In other words
      buy 250 shares and watch the stock and see how it
      reacts. Give it some time.
      Then buy another 25% after
      the market has told you which way INPH is headed
      short term. Keep doing this until you have your 1000

      I often average up on stocks this way.
      I almost
      never average down on any stock for any

      Good luck and if you are knew to the market I strongly
      suggest you paper trade for at least 6 months to 1

    • Believe it or not...EVERY one has a rookie
      year...if they ever enter the game. Don't beat yourself up
      over this one too long.

      The last block I bought
      was around 42, but on the other side of the valley
      (last November).

      At $42, INPH still appears to
      be a -long-term- bargain (i.e. destined to at least
      double this year, from here, in my humble -and-free-

      You still stand to make a respectable gain, but you
      need to be committed to handle a drop to the $30's if
      major players again shake the tree with

      Peace. Go INPH!

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      • But I like Don Corlone (the Godfather) likes to
        pay my debts. (LOL) That INTD is really worth a look.
        Tomorrow could be a big day, the banking industry is
        looking to start up an on-line banking system, they are
        suppose to select the software 3/15. All the articles
        point toward INTD's open end service. Take a peak. I'd
        appreciate any input on my jump.

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