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  • consj90 consj90 Apr 18, 2000 4:50 PM Flag

    should i buy

    Check out the volume compared with the price
    increase. Once again the MM are playing this stock like a
    fiddle. I think INPH has a lot of work to do to get out
    from under there strings. I think you'll see us settle
    back down tomorrow by a couple of bucks. Some good
    news out today, but once again the volume was not
    there too account for that type of movement in stock by
    any means. Good luck and don't look to boards for
    advice. They suggested I buy in at $40, HAHA.

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    • the volume WAS there to justify the price
      increase... You see, INPH has such a small float that it's
      relatively easy for the stock price to go up... ESPECIALLY
      when there is good news.

      And by the way, NEWS
      can make ANY stock go up on *NO* volume.. so, you
      see, volume isn't everything... news, fundamentals,
      comparative market valuations etc.. determine the price of a
      stock.. This one was beaten down too far just like many
      others and this one and many others rebounded today and
      will continue to rebound.

    • Earnings due tomorrow and the market will be
      closed on Friday. If you don't get out soon, you will be
      in big trouble. As today's volume suggests, nobody
      was buying except small investors. There wasn't any
      block trade today. The MMs were just playing games.
      Look for a 2 point drop tommorow.


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      • There were SEVERAL big blocks.. and today's
        volume is one of the highest volumes this stock has had
        in a LOOOOOOONG time.. only small investors buying?
        give me a break.. many of them were indeed small
        investors, but I'm willing to bet many trades were
        institutional buying.. Since we don't have a lot of
        institutions which own this stock yet, the volume remained
        around 400K instead of mugh higher.. but then again,
        when only 2M+ shares are in the float, how many can
        institutions buy anyway?

        You're full of it SOG... I
        can't believe idiots like you are out roaming the
        boards... it's SOOOOOO obvious you're a shorter... well, it
        didnt work today, and it won't work tomorrow.

        If we DO drop 2 points tomorrow, it's only because
        some sorry slobs are selling too early.

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