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  • consj90 consj90 Apr 24, 2000 3:52 PM Flag

    hahhaha.. anyone watching this?

    Last week I told you that this stock was being
    manipulated on the positive side and you said no way.
    HAHAHAHA...I owned this stock thats all it ever has done, is
    be manipulated. You said that we went striclty up do
    to good news, etc.... Wrong...Say it with me
    everybody. MANIPULATION...also counts for the positive side.

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    • I never said this stock was not manipulated... as
      a matter of fact, I've made SEVERAL posts stating
      this thing is manipulated... HOWEVER, I *also* stated
      that the stock went UP on good news and it *DID*...
      how can you deny that? and now the market is down,
      and the MMs totally screwed this stock... for
      example, in the last few minutes, nothing but BUYS were
      coming in at 16.25, yet the stock went nowhere... then
      in the last minute, a couple of small sells went in
      and the stock droped like a rock. Actually, there
      were trades in BELOW the bid, so you know someone got
      screwed... then the bid was 16.18 x 16!! that's flip
      flopped... so, I don't know if those 16.00 prints were buys
      or sells...

      I think tomorrow we're
      headedback up. And if we're not, that's okay with me... LONG
      TERM this will be a big winner.


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