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  • buela_104 buela_104 Jul 21, 2005 8:56 PM Flag


    dont be so sure..........ive seen these things go nutso before

    for examplelast nov 4th OSIP pharmaceuticals priced a seconday at 64.75 when it was trading at 65

    guess what happened? it sold off hard to the 40's

    and still in the 40's

    everyone then also said well I guess we know where thefloor to be safe dont buy more thinking its the floor.......wait and see if there is any real actgion

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    • I think he meant stock futures.


    • Of course people can't trade after hours, but you were the one who made the comment about how people were selling after the selling price was announced. And what indicators are pointing south? I would like to know because I am always open to selling if you have something legit to say. Thanks for your input ahead of time :)

    • That's because most people can�t trade past 6:30 pm, so I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to see, right?

      Anyway, I wouldn�t be holding my breath if I were you�the futures are presently pointing SOUTH which indicate a lower open tomorrow and since NO stock trades in a vacuum�NOT even this one I suspect we will see more selling tomorrow.

    • While I'm at this, just let me cover an important point that many of you don't understand.


      Sorry for the caps, but if people with an agenda would stop posting, the board would be a lot cleaner. I am not even long on this stock, but I am riding until 40 bucks at the very minimum and I expect that to take a year. I am not trying to get anybody to buy because I know that the people who are reading this don't have enough money to affect the stock price. Does anybody have any insight? Please leave your agenda at the door and open up with your optimism and your fear. That's the only way we can have a good board. People who mindlessly pump or bash go on ignore. Can we please strive for that? I am enjoying my message board experience for the most part, but some of you on here obviously are not trading stock for a living. You would be broke by now if you were. Can we try to keep the board a little bit respectable? Thanks!

    • No problem Z. I am finally figuring out how to not let fear control the timing of my selling. It sounds like you either already have that discipline already or you didn't want to take a loss from 30 bucks. Either way, I believe that you will thank yourself for not selling. It's always a risk dealing with biotechs, but the only reason the price doesn't jump immediately to where the true worth lies is because people are taking profits all along the way. All I ever hear is not to be greedy, but my biggest regrets have always come from selling too soon. I'm embarrased to even mention the stocks I've sold this year and you'd think I was lying anyway. And of course watch this one be the one that goes the other way. It would be just my luck. But I'm holding on until at least 40. We will see what happens. Good luck to you too! We're in the same boat here. I wouldn't change sides with the shorts for anything.

    • Sorry, not this type of shelf offering. The markets establish the price. This is not a PIPES offering for a thinly traded stock. It was also not a secondary with a fixed share amount. The beauty of the shelf offering is that the company can determine how many shares to sell and when. The company has no incentive to sell at a lower price. These were all primary shares, with proceeds going directly into the company bank account.

    • <<Seems you folks don't have a lot of experience with these type of offerings. This was a public offering and as such it had to price at the market. The pricing was set when the market closed today at $27.02. The company could not set the price below the market>>

      That is completely and totally wrong. The vast majority of public secondary offerings are priced in the hole, often substantially.

    • You're right, never try to out-guess the market. But, in this case I "think" we are safe. This company is on the rise. Tomorrow will tell.

      Luck to you..

    • and the reason for that was basically everyone said ok they increased the float 20% so its value is 20% less and boom it sold off some 20-25 %

      that same argument could be made again

      SO DONT PANIC JUST BE WISE, if it sells off take advnatge

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