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  • persianm9829 persianm9829 Feb 8, 2007 11:11 AM Flag

    MNTA making a nice move today

    MNTA making a nice move today

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    • Sorry dude, but when did I tell you "BEGONE"???

      Let's be realistic here, I'm not a pumper ( well, maybe a little ) but I don't tell anyone that, unless you come on here and say that MNTA is crap, its going down, blah, blah, blah, without knowing anything about the company or what it does. If you're going to say something, then please back it up with some data.

      Say whatever you want, but please back up ridiculous statements with facts...


    • Im a better man now that I read your last post.

      Thanks for showing how intelegent you are and trying to save the world.

      My trading stocks back when the Dow was 3,300 and trades were done in fractions 20 1/8. Were nothing compared to your last post. I bow to you Sr.

    • I just call it like I see it guys and gals.

      I've been around the Yahoo forums for a while... you just don't see me post much.

      There is a LOT of market manipulation out there in stocks like this, and 99% of it is illegal. The P&D crowd is breaking the law, people trading on inside information are breaking the law, and the spammers are breaking six or seven laws (if you count the spamming too)

      Not that it really matters in the end, unless you were one of the fools that jumped in at the top today. In that case, you're sitting on a nice 8-9% loss for the day. Not so good; care to compute out your IRR on an annual basis for that one?

      I didn't think so.

      SOMEBODY was trying to get the hell out this afternoon after the crest of the wave had passed. Whoever it was with that 5k block (almost certainly a retail investor; MLCO is Merrill Lynch) was left holding that bag at 4:00....

      These biotechs are all very high risk - none of them have sustainable earnings, and all are either going to hit a home run or eventually run out of money swinging. So if you're going to play with them you need to use a very strict disciplined strategy that prevents significant losses, accepting reasonable (but not "shoot the moon") gains if things work out ok.

      Doing anything else (whether it be a straight long or short) is IMHO suicidal to your portfolio, although if you were going to go across the entire spectrum of small biotechs you could do a lot worse than shorting all of them with a far-out-of-the-money CALL as insurance against a moon shot, assuming you have the margin (and stomach) to take that ride.

      If you're not careful with how you structure your trades in these securities a gap open in the wrong direction will murder you - and it happens a LOT in these issues......

    • Hey, since when is a message board a sour se for DD? lol

      You better find another resource before you lose you money jack.

      Message boards are for folks to brag about how much and what we do with our money ;)

    • Thanks for joining us today, since this probably popped up on your radar today with its volume and percentage move. Since you can't find anything on the wire about the move, you assume its a pump and dump and sure looks like you are trying to get people to dump too.

      Thanks, but you can move on, the rest of us that do know about this stock will stay.

      I'll take the 2% pop today even though it was higher ( 8% ), it still closed Green and if you looked at the chart, you would see that these types of move during the day is nothing new, however the overall trend is still UP.

      Oh well, thanks again for the insight, I'll continue to CHEERLEAD.... RAH-RAH-RAH!!!!!


    • Heh, I guess you can explain the collapse this afternoon then right?

      Funny how the market figures it out...... $19.97 last trade.... like a rock.......

      Hope you weren't one of the guys sucked in by the spam....

    • Your so smart it gives me goose bumps =)

    • Yeah, ok. Back down to $20.30. And the move IS on collapsing volume guys. Look at it - the move up was based on..... what? One big tick DOWN at the start of the day (big block), two smaller ones (both tick down in the 25k and 5k range) and then a a few up and downs, including two 27k blocks on upticks but with no support (that is, selling into strength)

      What's the rest? 100 share blocks, 200s, a few 500s.

      Someone's got a 5,000 share block out on MLCO at $21.50. Been sitting for close to an hour now. He's an hour+ late for that price, and is going to be eating 'em this evening. Oops.

      Again, show me the basis for this move. There's no news on the wire - so what justifies what was a nearly 10% move upward? Dreams and wishes?

      My money is on a spam campaign.

      I don't usually track this board but came in here looking for a reason for the move, thinking that perhaps the wire access I have had missed a story or was having connectivity problems (it happens, 'ya know.) I've got a complex position open right now (in the interests of disclosure) but it ain't gonna change my life (or my portfolio's P&L) by a material amount even if the stock goes to zero - or $100.

      All I've found is the usual message board cheerleaders who can't read a time and sales report, and/or either don't have access to Level II or are willfully bind to what's there.

    • All good points and since I don't have Level II here at work, then I'm not sure who is trading. It could very well be a pump and dump, especially if MMs are not taking a position.

      On the flip side, this company is waiting anxiously on the ruling of the Lovenox patent, so if it flips to our side, then we will run hard. I'm guessing these traders are hedging against this and taking positions, thus driving it up.

      We'll see what happens in a few weeks to a month.



    • I checked the e-trade time and sales which showed a number of otherlarge block trades today. 27250 shares at 10:47, 7403 at 11:38, 20107 at 12:08 (price was 21.05) and 22000 at 12:59 at a price of 21.36. Most of the other trades shown are in the 100 to 500 share range.

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