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  • fripitank fripitank Oct 8, 2010 10:42 AM Flag

    Those darn options again!!!

    looks like a $1 drop each month until January when it is $10

    The puts are your signal.

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    • Haha... Good one. The sellers of the puts (hedgies who are short MNTA shares) are just taking advantage of their ability to scare investors and drive down the share price.

      They are able to 1. Grab a whole lot of premium from people scared by the current moves and heding their share position.

      And 2. They are going to go long the MNTA shares that they get to steal from people on the options they sold.

      Selling options is one of the best ways to obtain a large position in a stock without having to sit on the ask all day. You grab premium and end up buying the shares for that much cheaper.

      MNTA longs if smart would be buying up these cheap shares vs. being scared by the share price movement.

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      • Agreed. But there comes a time, when you see those Jan puts, that one thinks, this is going down, maybe I should sit on the fence and get back in.

        I think $10 will be the buy point at the end of the year.

        This is just too high of a price right now.

        The market wants sole generic and will kill this stock until that is proven.

        I like MNTA, but they are being manipulated and that you can't argue with.

        Something is up because this should be flying right now and it is the opposite.

        It's going down, Has been since $26.

        If the puts keep growing, then I'm out after I see if this earnings call helps on Nov. 1 and it still goes down.

    • nov calls higher than the puts nov14

17.74-0.23(-1.28%)12:02 PMEST